Sunday, July 4, 2010

What I Want for This Month

Hi everybody !
i'm feeling great today, you know why ??
because. . .
yes, everything back to normal. everything is okay now 
thanks God and thanks to you who always support me
hugs and kisses for ya'll.

today i don't think i can post about my outfits.
 so, let's see what i like the most about fashion and what i want for this month :)

as always Selena Gomez's style as my inspiration.
she had a clothing line too called "Dream Out Loud".
i think she'd better acts that sings (sorry) but, i think her voice is bad.
don't worry i love her music, her style, and her acting too.

(love the shoes)

what i want:

this camera

or this one

this dress and the denim shirt

this skirt

the dress and also the boot

These hats

ok, i need to stop before this post will be like the longest post ever !
 happy weekend all 

much Love


  1. great post tasya and thank you for you comment and uhm I realize that you're tittle is "a story of girl that alwaTs move" hm change the 'T' one :)

  2. Beaut photos. And those shoes, and Selena Gomez. My, oh my.

  3. The shoes in the 2nd picture is fab! Im craving for all of those pics you posted! xD


  4. selena is the perfect disney princess
    i just hope she doesn't follow Miley's footsteps!

    come visit my blog, dear

  5. nice blog :Dx

    come to upworld soon :)
    and u can follow if you

  6. i don't mind if its gonna be longer~! so inspiring and nice pictures~!
    nice blogg~!

  7. selena looks pretty on those photos <3 nice post....
    xoxo, Icha

  8. haha
    hope u can have all of them

  9. Great inspiration!!!

    adore you+your blog!

    Cheers, Jesa


thanks for making my day beautiful