Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Too Tired (read: Lazy) for Studying

just like the tittle said
" I'm too Tired (read: Lazy) for Studying"
you know why ?
yuph ! mid test is coming, gosh kill me now
nah i'm just kidding, don't kill me :( i've so many mistakes with everyone.

so Monday-Friday i'll have mid test,  stupid damn test -__-
have to prepare from now. it means i'll take a break for a while from blogging world
(are you kidding me ?! Tasya you didn't blogging for like 2 weeks and more)
i know i know i'm a bad blogger, but i really need to be a nerd for this week

Top: Colorbox (currently my fave top rite now)
Skirt: Cool Girl (skirt when i was i 6th grade, gosh i didn't change much -.-)
Headband: unbranded (i used to love collecting bow headband)

and once again, a beautiful traditional necklace from Lombok,
a beautiful island with great beaches and white pure sand.
i miss this beautiful island, i lived in that island for 2 years.

and my 1st Award yeeeeee, i'm sooo happy
thanks to Miss Dorothy for givin' me this award


The rules are:
1. Erase the first source link and change the 2nd link become the 1st
2. So, there are 9 sources link, add your blog link on number 10
3. Pass the award to the other friend

So, I'll pass it to:

oh almost forgot ! 
there's an event that ya'll should join this month

Lalita Tian's Giveaway
yeah i know ya'll excited, she'll give you the

sou brette necklace

(isn't it sooo fabulous ?)
she'll give this fabulous necklace for the lucky one, wish me luck guys !
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