Monday, June 28, 2010

(Window) Shopping !

Go Window Shopping with my mom is the one of the best way to spend my holiday.
i can forget all my lesson on school even my homework.

Top: Giordano
Mom's Cardigan
Skirt: Cool Teen
Legging: Unbarnded
Shoes: Gosh
Bandana: Unbranded

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Much Love,

Monday, June 21, 2010

There's Something About The Sunshine

there's something about the sunshine . . .

Today i had a farewell. a class farewell also my friend's farewell. usually my city always had a rain in the morning. but, Thanks God (Alhamdulillah) today the sunhine was shinning so bright. 
totally summer breeze !

P.S: in this farewell i'd prefer behind the lens than have to pose in front the lens cause i wanna capture it and remember it.
        sorry for not posting any outfit post today :) .
(Inggrid and Annaz tasya)

(rika, annaz tasya, Ilma, Me, and Wulan)

(haha my friend, Ilma. i took it)

(Ilma took it)

we also play soccer

chichat-ing with the girls while wait for the boys to cook (?)

who says that human can't fly ?
with these pictures i'll show you that human can fly 
(no edited, Photographed by Me)
(Inggrid, Ilma, Acha, Rika)

there's something about the sunshine . . .
and i knew it !
it's happiness and togetherness 

and i don't know if i had to leave them or maybe we're not in a same class anymore but, i want you guys to know that
i hope we can always be together. 
now, i know the truth maybe someday we're aren't together but,


Photographed by: Me and My Other Friends
Location: Manggar Beach, Balikpapan, Indonesia

Friday, June 18, 2010

Double Giveaway

heyo everyone ! :)
love love today because you know what, this time for giveaway well not mine actually.

they had a wonderful things to give for us. it's a necklaces, 
Sherlyn and Nitya has a different concept of necklace to give.

This is Sherlyn's Necklace

cute isn't it ? i love this necklace because it's so special, why ?
this necklace is a combination between modern and traditional, look there's a white butterfly and ball beads and a batik bow become one.

This is Nitya's Necklace

what i like about this necklace hmm...
are you kidding me ? i bet ya'll know what i like about this necklace.
yuph! the Eiffel one haha who doesn't love eiffel :)

so there they are 
what do you think?
 beautiful right ?
so you better check their blog.

wish me luck pals !

Much Love

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Lost In The Height of The Forest

hey guys ! how's this day goin ?
good huh ?
well, great for me because... my final exam is done..finished just today. i love the feeling when we're finally finished the exam. i do my best and now i let God to do the rest. i always praying for my exam result. so, my parents can be proud of me. that's what children do the their parents right ? :)

let's changed the topic, from exam to the nature.
i live in a beautiful country, you'll be amazed if you visit my country. the cultures, unique places, and my country has so many beautiful places waiting for you to visit plus this country also had so many hospitable people that always smile at you.
This is my country, Indonesia.

visited this forest on my vacation about two weeks ago.
what i love about this place is, this place is a forest and i love forest (doesn't mean i'm a monkey lol) so it's mean green :)
and the second reason why i love this place is..

beautiful view with a village atmosphere that you can feel in here. far from all the city things. but, too bad i can't stay in here. 
it's okay i still remember this place and i still feel the atmosphere.

(my lil bro)

well, my destination to this place is to see and across the "canopy bridge" what makes this place famous and known by so many people.

but first we have to hiking about 450 meters to get to the "canopy place" not too long, you will see so many tree species while you're hiking.

finally, we arrived but first we had to fight this stairs, "seriously ??!" is what i think at the first time i saw this stairs.
and then we walked on the bridge. is about about 80-100 meters from the ground. i just so afraid when we're walked then the bridge is shaking. all i do is praying so i don't fall from this height. :P

(oops! my mom took it)

-Top: Point One- P.O Box skinny jeans- unbranded bandana- shoes: Converse- Bag: Rip Curl- 

i also took some pictures on the way home, the view is totally beautiful.

(bad face -_-)

well, i've got home around 11pm haha we're really hang out around the city. that weekend is really fun.
and i'll never forget that

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Photographed by: My Mom and Me
Edited By: Me
Location: Bangkirai Hill, Balikpapan, Indonesia

Much Love