Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save The Wild For The Child

holiday is great thing huh ?
anyone's wait for it.
and when holiday comes no more lesson, no more work, no more studying.
sleeps late, watch TV all night long, go to interesting place, visit family, and refresh our mind.
Holiday is a gift.

so one of my favorite place to spend my holiday is beach. yes beach is the best place to think. to hear the sound from the waves when they crash the seashore, to see how beautiful this world is, to feel thankful for God who gives us a place like this, to watch the sunset, to walk along the beach, and standing on the seashore wait for the waves to comes and wet my feet is the best thing that i like to do.
no more stress, no more pain, no more broken heart.

but, the most of all i like my headband so bad. the combination of the ribbon and the butterflies makes me more girly, since i always be a kind of tomboy. i remembered when i wore it at school, everyone just asked,
"wow i like your headband. it's cute where do you buy it ?"
everyone always asked where did i bought it.

The bag is a recycled bag. that's why when the first time i saw it, i just like
"whoa this bag is so unique and i like it"
'Save The Wild For The Child' (with the tiger face)
is the second thing that makes me choose this bag.
i'm just loving it !

Bow Headband: Unbranded
Checkered Shirt: Dust
Top: Inspired
Pants; Nevada
Bag: a recycled unbranded bag
Sandals: Gosh

Enjoy Your Holiday, Friends !
much Love


  1. I love the beach too! and your shorts look cute.. =)

  2. hey thanks !
    love your sandal anw
    exchange link and follow each other ? sure :)
    i'll link & follow you
    tell me if you already do it too :)

  3. i'm in love with ur bag ! :D
    and cute sandal !

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  4. Your so pretty!!! Love your shoes!

    Great blog!
    cheers, Jesa

  5. Holidays are just perfection!! And even more if you can spend the time in the beach!!

    Cute bag :)

    - Laura

  6. you're pretty girl !!
    I love your pink shorts!!

  7. love ur sandalss.. :)
    nice blog..
    sure, I already added ur blog . :)

  8. When I was in school, I hated when everybody asked where I have bought the things. It made me think that everyone wanted to wear the same xD

    I like the message on the bag. The outfit looks cute.

    And about the beach, is one of the things I hate about my city.. there's any! I have to go by car to the next city to can be there. And it's amazing.. I love the beach!!


  9. i love your recycled bag.. :)
    and you have a nice blog to..
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  11. nice blog :)
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  12. i like the tiger face bag there :D

  13. Super cute look!

  14. where did you get the headband? *envy*
    and I love that bag, really screaming "save the world"
    lol XD

  15. cute outfit
    visit and follow my blog:)

  16. Beach is the best getaway place
    love the sandal
    and that is a cool headband

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  17. thx for ur sweet comment :)

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  18. blogwalking :)
    you look so pretty! that headband is indeed one of a kind ;)

    Castor Pollux

  19. thanks for your comment dear :)
    have a nice day :)

  20. lucu, C.U.T.E
    your sandals looks very comfy dear!
    I like it...then I follow you...mind to follow me back?hehe

  21. "Save The Wild For The Child", love this quote! (and your bag of course!) hehe

    have a nice day Tasya! ^_^

  22. thx !
    sure ,
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    keep updating,

  23. hello,thanks for comment sweet girl.
    wa kamu manis sekali your sandals.cute
    feel free to follow/link.happy monday

  24. i love your orange shorts and the headband :)
    hugs and kisses from ..

  25. Oh how cute! I love that you have a bow in your hair, hair accessories are the best :)

  26. coba ada photo kamu di pantainya .pasti seru :DD


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