Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take a Deep Breath, Girl

Happy New Month Everybody !

in this first day of July, things are getting complicated.
first, i'm sick. uhh this body is so weak all i drink is hot tea. if you see me now maybe you'll think that i'm okay.
i hate to be seen as a weak person to others.
when i'm sick i never saw to everyone well, maybe my mom and my family who knows that.
my friends ? they doesn't really know that. all i gonna do is just act like everything is fine. laugh as always, smile as always, walk as always. just like everyday. when i'm home bed seems like a heaven.

second, i had a problem. hard to explain i don't know if this only my problem or my family too.
let's say like this
" when something that you want doesn't go so well"
okay, i don't think that i have to share this problem to everyone, but i just so confused. whenever i start to feel happiness, something bad comes. i wonder why.
all i know this life is about to enjoy, but how could you enjoy a problem ??
that's what makes me sometimes afraid to feel a happiness.

Life is up and down, strong and weak, hard and easy and everything else.
you can say that i'm down, and it's makes me weak because it's really hard to pass this problem.
i hope everythings gonna be fine soon or later.
i want a happiness without afraid to feel it.

i just..i just need a time to think maybe. to pray, to keep a strength, to figure out what will happen next.
i wish i can pass this problem straightly.
God... I Need Your Clue, only You who can makes me feel safe and comfortable.

Wish Me Luck guys
Love You All


  1. oh hope everything is going to be better soon
    cheer upp!
    yes and a prayer will make things better


  2. GOOD LUCK! Feel better!


thanks for making my day beautiful