Friday, December 24, 2010

Doing something you love is a great pleasure

doing something you really love is rare, it's what makes it a great pleasure to do.
me and my dance group will perform at art contest in my school
all the students are pleased to perform their talent.
it's on 30 of Dec, so have a lot of stuffs to do :)
i'm maybe not updating my blog until my perform cause i have to rehearsal and rehearsal again.

Top: Personal Style
Skirt: Cool Kid
Leggin: Unbranded
Scarf: Unbranded
Bracelet: Unbranded (actually it was my headband but it broke so, i use it as a bracelet)

and Thanks God (Alhamdulillah) i achieve a new award from Natalie
thank you sooo much ! :)

Here are the rules:
To accept the Versatile Blogger Award there are some rules to follow:
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

1. I Have a curly brown hair.
2. I Love Fashion, but never read fashion mags or watch fashion show.
3. Dance is my favorite thing to do besides listen to music.
4. I Love Lily flower, i think Lily flower is simple but still elegant.
5. I Love green places.
6. i'm scared and feels like i'm gonna pass out when i see blood.
7. I hate shrimp and frog.

i'm gonna pass this award to 7  recently blogs i discovered :)
My Blonde World
Holy Mountain
Style Ninfa
Head To Heart
Fashion Atelier
Maria Evan's Blog

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it and,
Happy New Year guys :)
time flies so fast but i got all the memories

see you 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wish I'd Never Grown Up

hello world !
hello people, hello fellas, and oh ! hello darl :)
get busy with school stuffs but yey for today ! it's a HOLIDAY peopleeeee !
a school kid always happy when they hear "Holiday" haha and so do i.

found my vintage hat in my closet, i was so surprise when i found it. this hat is the best ever !
(oh, that's my scarf i'm kinda boring to wear it in neck)

haha, i wore it for the first time when i was in kindergarten and about to going to beach.
i really love beach, maybe that's because i moved a lot and pretty much stayed in city that near by beach.
but, when i was a little i didn't like to wear it much. cause when the wind blows it dropped.

there's come the times, when i start to miss everything when i was a little girl
the times when you think everything's funny and not regret about everything.
when the only thing you know is FUN no pain, no problem.
i miss how i danced in my pajamas in front of my mirror while sang and use my comb as the mic.
when playground was my favorite place to spend the day, when friends still honest about everything.

the day when i run and fell but still stand up and not cry. just laugh and continue played with my friends.
when i still sat in the dining room , study while my mom preparing for dinner.
when barbie are the greatest dolls ever.
when "Popeye" are the best cartoon ever.
when my heart not broken still in one piece.

i just realized that everythings i have now someday might be gone.
wish i'd never grown up
 i don't wanna grow up.
i can still be little and everything's simple.

so no one will hurt me
so no one break my heart
so no pain will haunted me
so no problem will get me crazy to solve it.
I Wish I'd Never Grown Up

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