Thursday, April 29, 2010

a little to late

First of all i wanna say something to my beautifulest, sweetest kind person i've ever know.  it is my 'BFF'. 
Lorine Kalista Noor from Strawterost . 

Happy Birthday Girl !
Hope You Had a Great B'day Ever!
Wish All Your Dreams Come True
and All The Best For You :)

Thanks for be there for me through it all,
Thanks for all your advice when everythings gone wrong.
Thanks for all your support until now.
and Thanks for be my Best Friend for 3 years.

even now, you've get older please don't forget our childish things together. be the best dear.. :)

p.s: i'm sorry, it's late cause there's something wrong with this stupid modem she had a surprise that she'll never forget ! go to her blog to read more :)

and the second thing i wanna tell you, it's about max..
it's over you know, no more max anymore in my life.
no more talk about him, no more happiness if he's smile at me.

On 25th April 2010
i text him, it' doesn't take a long time that my phone ring. he's reply my text, a text that makes me confused
" I Don't want you to care about me anymore !"
my heart suddenly stop beating, i reply his text
" What Do You Mean "
then, after a long time like 30 minutes he's reply my text
" I don't want you to care about me anymore, if you want just say 'hi' to me, don't talk to me ! i need times for my friends and my girlfriend !"

after i read that text, i just put my phone down and pretend like everythings will be okay.
i just can't believe that, after a long time he's shares everything with me, even the stories about his GF.
i've never mad if he's told stories about his GF, even i know deeply inside i'm jealous.
i've been listening to his stories for such a long time, and i was surprised that he's pushing me away.
do you know how i feel ? at least we can be friends, not like this.
i hate him cause he said
"I need times for my friends...."
did you mean i'm not you're friends ?! but why max? why ?!
did you forgotten about all the stories you told me ?! are you forgetten when we're jokes together ?!
when we're sang a song ?! it's 'Lucky' i still remember it !
i will walk away from you, now !
the next morning.
i don't want to saw his face anymore.
he said that he want me to not care about him anymore, so yes i do.
everytime he's look at me, i just turn my face and walk away.
days by days he's keep look at me i've never see his face again. it's enough max ! i can mad too not just you !
you always makes my heart hurts again and again.
after all i don't need you to be the right guy for me.
and now i realized that you're not my PRINCE CHARMING.

Facts that I Found Today:
Everyone Will Waiting, but it's not forever.
i've been waiting for him but now i know 
forever aren't forever



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kartini's Day 2010

so, how this friday goin ?
great huh ?
well, just like me this friday is G-R-E-A-T !
why ? because there's a celebration for Kartini's Day.
who's Kartini ?
Kartini is a wonderwoman, she is the hero for woman. she's the one who makes girl and boy is same. no differences anymore. she's wonderful, she's the spirit that every woman have.
she's beautiful,smart,wonderful,nice and incredible.
even words can't tell every single extraordinary things from her.

so, usually we celebrate the Kartini's day on 21st of April, but my school celebrate it on 23rd of April (this friday). even it's late but, it's still G-R-E-A-T !
usually we celebrate it with wear a Kabaya, a traditional clothes/dress (or something) like this.....

(you can say i'm nuts but, yeah! that what i wear a Kabaya, white long skirt and a converse (?!). yuph! thats my style)

(my school held a cooking competition, and this is a cake that presenting my class )

(Tasya & Ilma)

(finally widya's come, we've been looking for her)

(Widya's presenting our class to fashion show competition with Candra as her partner).

traditional dance from Borneo

(Angklung Gita Bahana)

band performances from our school

the fashion show

and yes ! we're  the 3rd winner yeahhh !

class photos

(actually, my class can be a winner from " The Most Narsis Class Ever! " haha)

well, to many photos i think

have a great weekends everyone !


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Eiffel I'm In Love

hey everybody!
let's fresh our eyes with this beautiful things

 oh my gosh..!
i really want that bracelet is really cute, and i can have my own eiffel tower in my hand lol.
don't need to go to Paris to see it haha

oh! almost forgot. this is Little Miss Fhenny's Giveaway, from cute isn't it ? come on what you waiting for ? let's join her giveaway, don't miss out!

wish me luck guys

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Learning

so yesterday, i went to a mall near my house. actually the mall is owned by the company of my house regency it's called "Balikpapan Baru Mall". i took a short walk with my mom while holding a little bag and camera round my neck. usually i'm too lazy to get walk or jogging, but yesterday my mom promise me to buy me a "Brownie Sundae".  Yay! of course i'd love to go haha.

on the way to the mall i took some photo of the view. You know,  this housing where i stay is so green, tidy, and very beautiful.  It's inspired by some cities in the world like Vancouver, Beverly Hills, Paris, Amsterdam and so much more (maybe next time i'll take you with me to see those housing). 

Found this cute little girl bike around with her friend (pretty sure he is not her boyfriend haha)

where do want me to take you first ?
montreal, Balikpapan Baru Mall, Paris, Den Haag, or Amsterdam ? haha guess The Balikpapan Baru Mall first. Well, slow down we're on the ride hehe. First, let's say hello to my mom !

along the way...

(this is the gate of Den Haag Housing )

welcome to The Balikpapan Baru Mall.. !

find this cute chinese paper lanterns near the street in front of the mall

look when it's light at night (yes i'll go to the mall till night haha)

(beautiful isn't it ? sorry this picture is not so good cause i took it when i was hurried. as you can there's a food stalls in it, they're sell so many traditional food from our country.)

(took it when i'm on my way to gome, my father pick me and my mother up after work)

well that's all people, thank you so much for your time to read my post and it;ll be great if you comment it too and please give me an advice about my photography.
i am still learning somehow :)

p.s: i write this post when i do my homework
psssst.. don't tell my mom, promise ?