More About Me

I am Ladinia Dalintasya
born on 17th of February
live in this crazy world with supports that will never ends from my sweetest family. 
i am a second daughter,
 i had two annoying brothers that i love very much
fight the day with spirit from my lovely mom and strenght from my greatest dad. they're the reason why i'm still here.
this is the place where i always belong to.

i am just like two different people.

I Am...

a dancer that love basketball.
in love with ballet shoes but more in converse.

a student that hate study.

a writer that hate reading.

listen more, speak less.

speak more, do less.

quite but crazy.

freak and friendly.

confusing and care.

kind and evil

Sporty and Girly

I am a sister and a Daughter.

I am a Friend and a Best Friend.

My Hope:

to be balance in everything.
it means to be good in everything not just in one thing or just a few things but good at everything, well not so good but not bad too.

My Wishes:

1. My Life Just Go The Way It Is.

2. God Protect Me and Always Give Me The Strenght In Every Step I Take.

3. To Have Everyone That I Already Had in My Life Forever and Always. 

thanks for you who always read my little stories.
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