Thursday, August 12, 2010

Got Lost With Friends Is Fun !

hello hello hello
sorry is not enough, i know :)
i'm sorry for the very very very late post
just like i told ya in my previous post, school get busy.
"9th grader" keep booing in my mind but, i still twitter-ing at all
hahaha, teenager life :P

so, in Monday me with some of friends in my class went for hiking.
it's fun you know, we're laugh and sometimes get scary
you know why ? cause we're visit the haunted house and across the old bridge
that we don't know sometimes it'll fall.

(like an old picture ha ?)

first we headed to a place that my friend told us, this place had an amazing view

(My Friend, Rika)

this is the bridge that we all don't when it'll fall
so, we praying while across it, see ? we're not too brave to walk on the wood of that bridge
we walked on the side of the bridge.

then.....we got lost
the first plan is we want to find out a short cut, but we just get lost
and my friend scream "there's a snake!!!"
well, you know.. WE'RE RUN SO FAST like the road is going to fall
then we're out from the forest. after that my friends said that he was joking
and our expression ??