Sunday, April 3, 2011

You probably won't read this stupid sad true story of mine.

first of all, sorry for no post for like months hehe. got busy with tests i'm a 9 grader :)
so i probably will rarely updating my blog. Sorry guys :)
so here it is... it's a stupid sad true story of mine. you probably want to sleep if you see this. but you have to read this and give me your opinion, and by the way. i want to THANK YOU and I APOLOGIZE IF I HAVE ANY MISTAKES. wish me luck for my National Exam okey ? :)

one thing that i ever hate is
Saying hello that end up with a goodbye, and doing it all over again and again.
do you feel what i really feel ? guess not.
let me get it straight for you. just imagine like this.
you're moved to a new place, a new environment, meet new people.
saying hello to everybody and tell about yourself, not long you become really close with them.
close i mean, like it will never fade away, and you'll not go away. you always stay together with them.
but, you realized that it'll never happen. you say goodbye and moved away. leave everyone you thought you'd never lose.
then stay in a new place, saying hello, get really close with everybody, then you have to say goodbye again, you moved. and it will go on and go on.

Now, do you really understand what i feel ?
i'm sick with all this stupid useless things.
i want to stay in one place, with everybody i loved, and never leave them.
i hate it ! i hate to know that i already moved for 8 times, and now i have to do it all over again.
i have to say hello to everyone that i will say goodbye in the end.
i mean, i just wish i say hello to everyone i'll never say goodbye to.

when i was a young girl, moved away it's not really this bad. i don't even think that i have to say goodbye in the end.
all i think about is 'how beautiful is the place where i will stay', 'hows the house ?', 'is there any playground'.
i didn't think that i have to making new friends and blending with the environment.
because, it was more easier when you're still a kid. people stay the same.

But when you're growing up, things happen. mostly bad things, people changes, and friends leave.
like what happened to me when i was a 7 grader on one of the junior high school in Malang.
ever heard BULLYING ?
yuph, that's what attacked me. get bullied is bad as hell that ever happened to me.
i'm not telling my mom, because i think that it happens because of my parents told me to moved.
i know it's wrong but, i can't trust anyone at that time. even when i cried and yelled " I don't want to school in there!!!"
my mom only said "it's school, all you have to do is studying." i really hate that sentence since i heard it.
i mean i am a human, you can't live alone, you can't even die alone.
and i can't go to school and not talk with everybody except book. that sucks !

now, bully is gone. i've moved like i always do.
get a new place, new life a much better life, and great friends.
spend my 2 years in a great class with an extraordinary people. 9-1 (NinE ONe) a.k.a NEON.
good times happens, well there's a bad times but all i can remember is LAUGH.
i don't want to leave this class.
my feelings for has grow and it becomes great and greater.
now, i'm a 9 grader soon i will leave my junior high school. i will leave this extraordinary class.

Time flies so fast you know. and what makes it sucks is, to know that time flies so fast when you're enjoying your good times. but when you're sad, time goes slower than ever.
that's why i always try to capture every moment that i had. because deep down i know that soon or later, i will lose it. if i lose it,  i want to remember it one day.
i will put those perfect photos in special photo album, that one day when i old i will open it again and remembering all the beautiful moments i had. to understands that 
Life is not just about pain its also about happiness. Its about Love and Heartbreak. Its about Tears and Laugh. Its about me and them. Its about Me and Him. its about US.
and it will remain the same if one day, just "if" one day we all changed.

 if i have to fill this post with all the great photos, it will never ends.
i wanna say thank you to every single person of you, who makes me smile even just for a while.
you have to know that, even just for a while you already gave me one great memories that will always stay in my heart.

Ladinia Dalintasya.