Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love This Song and Feet Photo

so... how this day goin ?
for me .. today was more boring that before.
no hang out, no pulse, no activities.

Tuesday has come everybody is time to Feet Photo !
and here's my feet photo week.... (week what ? hehe i'm forget)

took that pic when Saturday :)
and you can guess mine.. the Converse one

well,today i just love this song
Techinicolor Phase by Owl City.
the lyrics was so beautiful and very creative, it's really romantic.

I am the red in the rose, the flowers
on the blankets on your bedroom floor.
And I am the gray in the ghost that hides
with your clothes behind your closet door.

I am the green in the grass that bends back

from underneath your feet.
And I am the blue in your back alley view
where the horizon and the rooftops meet.

If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors

of the evening stars.
You can go anywhere you wish cause I'll be there, wherever you are.
(wherever you are) 2x

(I will always be your keys

when we are lost in the technicolor phase)

The black in the book

the letters on the pages that you memorize.
And I am the orange in the overcast
of color that you visualize.

I am the white in the walls that soak up

all the sound when you cannot sleep.
And I am the peach in the starfish on the beach
that wish the harbor wasn't quite so deep.

If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors

of the evening stars. (my darling)
You can go anywhere you wish cause I'll be there, wherever you are. (my darling)

(wherever you are) 3x 

just love this beautiful songs with a very creative lyrics.
this song is a soundtrack from Alice In Wonderland that i love besides Alice and Painting Flowers

thanks for read and comment please :)
love you

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Nice to Know You But It Hurts so much

to know you, it's nice
to smile at you, it's great
to see your smile at me, it's wonderful
to talk with you, it's awesome
to texting with you, it's fun
to love you, it's beautiful
to have you, it's impossible.
you're everything i've ever wanted but you always makes me hurts so much.
i want to forget you but it's hard.
so i don't wanna know about love anymore
all you can do is broke my heart over and over. again and again.
don't you know that you're the only thing on my mind that i always miss, i always need, and i always love.
it's you baby..its you..
but you broke my heart !
it's enough !!!
(image via we heart it) 

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Movie Was HORROR but Why Is It FUNNY ?

that tittle is a question to me.
so this day i watched movie called " The Messangers 2: The Scarecrow"
the genre of the movies is horror but why is it funny ?
first thing that go on your mind maybe " yeah it's the genre of that movie horror comedy".
but no! for me that movies was truly horror and thriller. i always afraid of thriller movie. cause of the violence.
watch movie with friends is really FUN. especially if the movie we watch is horror. the music that so loud, they're turn off the lights and the screams from the audience that shocked by the loud music.
if the music goes weird or suddenly off, that's the clue for the shocking music and i already close my ear with my hand haha i'm so shocked everytime that loud music comes.
plus...! my friends beside me (left and right) screams while they're trying to hide behind me. my ears feels like " boooiinnggg"

first when i arrived, bought  a small popcorn then entered the theater.
wooo.. i love my seat you know why ??
because my friend beside me bought popcorn too, i putted mine in my left food pocket and my friends at my right. so strategic ! all you have to do is choose. left or right. but i choose both of them :P
there's a time when my friends that sat in front of me talked to us and when the music goes loud, they scream so loud too hahha it's FUN to saw their freakin' out face haha.
and when the stars on that movie fight the ghost the music was so shocking us ! and i saw my friends that sat in front of me freakin' out while hug my friend that sat in the middle of them haha. that's so romantic and creepy haha
at the end of the movie when they're turn back on the lights there's a child that scream so loud. of course we laugh cause' he's so cute and "come'on they're just turn on the lights" haha why he's scream ? .
too bad i don't bring my camera :( but i still captured all the FUNNY moments in my mind it's so beautiful and still got me LOL. just like a movie.

after watch movies. we went to the mall that near the movie.
i found a child that race a little car. and i just blocked his way. if he's go right, i go right. if he's go left i'll go left haha (i am very sneaky). and that boy whine said "mama.." haha and i just walk away while laugh with my friends :P
i can stay too long with my friends cause' i'm promise with my mom to go home before my brothers go home (yes my bro go to school). huh.. i hate it, i wanna stay with my friends and LOL with them.
oh yes ! there's one thing that i wanna tell you,
yesterday i bought max pulse so we texting. and you know what max always act like don't care about everything. but yesterday he's so funny. he's got a sense of humor too.
unpredictable boy. LIKE IT !
p.s: i made a new header, what do you guys think ? is it good ? please tell me what you think. oh! and i made a new button too, please copy the code to your blog :)
thanks all


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday Movies.. !!

hello bloggers :)
what a sunny day today in Indo, i love this day.
it's sunny, it's sunday, and it's HOLIDAY!!!

hehe this morning i woke up at 8am, you know i wanna get up at holiday at least at 10am but it's too hard and i hate that. why i always wake up at 7 or 8am. did my eyes know that i'm still sleepy ??
well, boringness attack me now. turn on the TV but there's no good films or shows.
while my little bro get a shower. i'm practice my 'lay up' first (really bad on that). went to my room and just like always turn on my laptop and start to surf the net without take a bath first :P (eeeuuwww).
when i opened my facebook profile, my friends online too and without take a bath first haha.
bad girls .

tomorrow i hope gonna be a good day cause tomorrow me and my friends will held a monday movie !
we'll watch movie in XXI (the only theater in my city) my city is so small. that's why we only had one good theater actually.
we can't decided what movie we'll watch. cause we're afraid the schedule will change. my friends who will come:
1. Me (of course)
2. Tasya
3. Ilma
4. Rika
5. Widya
6. Citra (i bought the tickets for Widya and Citra gosh ! noooo my money .i can save any money for now )
7. Bayu
8. Chandra ( i don't know if they're come or not)
and everybody else (forget who will comes actually).

so i hope tomorrow will be a good day for us to spend our holiday :)

and what will you do for this week bloggers ?
hope you'll get a amazing holiday for you who on holiday right now


Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I Love about This Week

well, finally comes Saturday. my favorite day in whole week.
no lessons, no practice, and no study cause tomorrow is a holiday haha
yes ! i'm on holiday for a month yayyy..
from 29 March until 3rd April lol
a month isn't it ? :D
so, i decided to make things that i love in this week :)

1. Almost everyday i'm surfing the net since my mom goes to Malang. (hehe bad girl)

2. Listen to Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack 'Almost Alice' everyday. just some songs that sang by singer that i know.

3. Listen to Justin Bieber's songs

4. Got Max's photo with black shirt. he's so cute and i like his smile in that pic.

(sorry not the real pic cause if i post it, it'll be a big trouble:D)

5. Max's reply my texts

6. I can LOL and tell joke with him and see his big beautiful smile for me.

7. Go to basketball practice with my friends.

8. sing and dance in my room and no ones will ever know.

9. these converse shoes (i wanna buy it !)

10. and last, my love for Max become 5th months :P
i always love you Max, Always.
you said that you look for a girl that beautiful and loyal. so here i am, i've been love you for 5th months. 

can you see ? that you belong with me. Max, you belong with me
Forever & Always

actually there's so many things that i love in this week but, this is the greatest.
YOU who always read my blog and comment it, you're the person that i love this week :)
thanks for always check my ordinary blog, read my stupid story, and comment it (even when i'm late to reply it)
I Love You All With All My Heart


Friday, March 26, 2010

just sit down in front of my laptop.

get bored !
help me...
i wanna chat with my BFF through webcam, but her webcam doesn't work.
stupid signal !
actually, i have a basketball practice today but, i can't go cause my father can't pick up me after the practice. (my house is sooooo far from my school.

and here i am now !
stuck in my room in front of my laptop, opened my music folder put some of Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack and justin bieber's songs in my Windows Media Player. opened my facebook, twitter, and of course my fairytale (blog).

well, i get so bored so i turn on my webcam and take pictures haha
and try edited it :)

my loony faces :P

crazy hair haha

Medusa haha

try to be calm

Pose !

photo is a thing that makes me happy.
to see my photo with my friends and remember the things that makes us laugh in the pic is the unforgettable  memories.
to see my photo when i was a little girl, is the sweetest memory ever.
childhood is the best !
all the things like barbie and now i lost many of them hehe
 (well, i don't really know whats the point from the story that i wanna tell you, it feels like everything's get bored)

HELP !!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a Beautiful Day ?

i know i always said 
' Today was a fairytale'
' this is the greatest day in my entire life'
but, you know it is...
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this day !!!
and i guess you know the reason.
yuph ! because of Max. he makes my day bright and i said
" I Love this day!" and i feel like i'm ready to fight this day haha
first, sorry i don't post something for one day (??) i feel so sorry about that to my 'Fairytale' i'm sorry to leave you alone. cause you know yesterday i had a basketball practice. i really HATE HATE HATE physical exercise. uurrggghhh we had 2 coach to train us. i don't like the one of my coach, she's so loud (yea my coach is a lady/girl) :D
but, i like the one she's so kind and funny.
and today...
is the greatest is like my pain of yesterday gone.
today, as ussual i ate in canteen and Max sit in front of me (a little bit right). i was so happy but i try to calm down. i act like i don't care but still i can't hide my smile.
so i just talk and when Novel ask who's Widya's boyfriend, he looks at me.
Ifan ask my permission to tell them or not.
and he said to me
" Who is he ?"
i said
" ask Ifan" but Ifan just laugh and won't tell them
so, i decided to tell Max who's Widya's boyfriend.
and he just laugh and don't believing in what i said.and we're laugh together while talk about them

at second break just like always i went to his class just to talk and had jokes with my friends in junior class.
and once again we're talk and laugh. so many things that we're laugh about 
and there's the times when Max played with his friends and i was looked at him i smiled to him and he reply it with his big beautiful smile ever !
my heart went knock..knock haha
and there's the times when we're jokes and i laugh because he's so funny 

This is The Beautifulest Day of The Beautiful Days.

Love Love Max,
guess it it's his name haha 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Scanner Board of Love

Today i had a computer exam.  and i forgot to bring my scanner board. so tried so hard to find someone who bring it. then, i went to max's class and widya ask
" does anybody bring a scanner board"
and then Ifan (one of students or my friends in basketball team) said
" max..!"
and i said (with a little bit happy and nervous)
"may i borrow your scanner board ?"
and the he said
" here, for what ?"
me: " for computer's exam, thanks" with a smile.
i came to my class and so happy told my friends
" guess who have this one ?"
and my friend said
" max's"
"ya.." and all students in my class just gave me this sound
" cieeee..." whistle and something else 
i am so excited at that time !
and i said
" please be my good luck charm"
haha :)
and at 2nd break i gave his scanner board back. but, he isn't there so i gave the scanner board to Ifan
and when i have a talk with my friends.
i saw max and i said
"Thank you.."
and he just smile :)
a beautiful smile haha
well, this afternoon is raining in my school.
i waited for my friends. and i saw him, i saw him under the tree.
i smile at him and he's smile at me too.
wow ! what a wonderful day ...?
i just won't forget this day in my entire life

Fresh News !
Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas is Dating !!!
finally after a moths she told the media that she didn't date him.
During an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on his radio program, The Billy Bush Show, the host asked Lovato if she’d ever dated any of the Jonas Brothers, 
“Umm, maybe,” she said coyly.
“Which one? Joe?” asked Bush,to which 
Lovato said, “Yeah. He’s actually… he’s my best friend.”
Pressing for clarification, Bush said, “So you guys went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?”
“No kind of the opposite,” the 17-year-old Sonny with a Chance star explained.
“Oh? So you’re dating him now?” asked Bush.
“Umm, yeah he is my best friend and he is incredible,” Lovato finally confessed.
Lovato described her Camp Rock 2 costar as a “complete gentleman,” who “treats me to the most amazing places.”
She added, “He’s perfect.” 

great hah ? and paparazzi capture them at local church
find the at local park (they're so sweeet)

  (laying on the grass together it's so sweet)

and paparazzi catch them after shopping too


 well, i guess that's all the story that i want to tell you today.
hope ya'll get a wonderful day too :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Text, You Text, We're Texting !

feel great today !
today max and i text each other.
finally after the days we're not texting cause he doesn't had any pulse anymore.
we're back again. texting again.

you don't had any idea how much happy i am and i'm so nervous. i'm so confused to find things to ask him. but, he always makes it easy.
when i text him, he's playing Plays Station hahha and he says that he's palying NSF Mostwanted (a car racing game).
we talks so many things and i'm just so confused to tell you one by one.
plus i'm so happy today !!
He got me amazing cause' he was so amazing
he got me smile cause' he so cool
he got me laugh cause he so honest about everything :)

maybe it's time i tell you how great he is and always makes me crazier and crazier everytime i saw him.
1. he's calm but friendly.
2. he's cool and smart
3. he's nice and awesome
4. he has a beautifulest smile ( maybe it's been one hundred times, i told you)
5. he has a great eyes ever
6. and the way he walking is perfect
7. he has a unique name too
8. and once again he's sooooo

he's my prince charming :)
and.. this is the things that makes me jump so high !
he sends back to me a "love forever" text.
wow! you know kinda..
'send this message to your bestfriends and you couple and if it's back blablablabla...... you'll get your love in 25 march'
usually, im not believe in that. but ! he sends back to is the one who makes me AWESOME !
im so excited thank you

Love Love Love You Always

Friday, March 19, 2010

When The Power Goes Out..

it's been 8 hours since you turn off the power you stupid idiot useless company ! or should i say 'PLN' ?? ?right.. you must kidding me.. turn around i'll give you a gift, it's my shoes... AT YOUR BUTT !
yeahhh don't you ever messed up with me. 

don't you realized how much we needs the power ??!!
 can you see ?! we're dying in the dark.
stupid you ! and IDIOT!

 at 6 am the power goes out. so at that time i went for school so, it's okay i think maybe the power will be okay when i'm home.
BUT...! when i was home at 12 pm it still OFF !
it's been 6 hours, and now it's take 8 hours !

God.. please..please turn on the lights again we wanna see the lights again :)

(ps: i can't believe i live in a green city of the darkness)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

God Always Tell Us The Truth

hey bloggers.. 
i feel so lucky today. i feel so lucky because God always tell me the truth. the truth from all of our wishes, and our hopes. God always tell the truth when i'm so confused at things when it's getting wrong. for example when i'm in 5th grade i lost my money. im praying to God to  give me the clue where my money is. i try so hard to find it, until one day im letting it go. i'm hoping for God to give the money for someone who belongs to, and if anyone steal it from me show them His madness.
one day, i dreamed about that money i dreamed that i was putted my money in my jeans pocket. i woke up the next morning and go find it and ya there it is. my money is in my jeans pocket the exactly jeans that i had in my dream.
thanks for Allah who makes it easy for me :)
and now, once again God tell me truth.He tell me about Max. just like i told for you before ( at this blog ) i had a weirdest dream about Max. i dreamed that he's share his phone with his brother.
and today it's true! max really sharing his phone with his brother, i think so because i look his brother's phone is like max's phone. and when he doesn't had any pulse anymore, his brother too.
today, Max's didn't bring phone and ya his phone is with his brother.

Thanks God for keep telling me the truth from all :)
i am so sorry when i can't be a good enough person who always praying and say thank you for all this beautiful gift that You already give to me. i'm sorry if i always make You mad and run from you.
Ya Allah... please don't leave me alone when anythings getting wrong or when it's right.
please show me the way to be in Your beautiful place, heaven.
please please please... to always help me in this big worlds with thousands of problems that already attacking me.

now I believe..
That God will never let us alone, that God always be there with us, and always tell the truth. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(i don't have any idea for this title post)

bloggers i really don't have any idea what i should post today. i don't have any color in mind to painting in my blog wall. 
*sigh*  well, at least i closed with 'max' today :P
i went to his class at school today, i didn't mean to see him but to play with my friends at junior class. and there's i saw him and once again he's playing his cube. he's really good at it :)

i just play and talked with my friends haha :) act like i don't care about him cause i try really hard to do that but, i can't. sometimes i look at him and he look at me too, when i smile he's smile too, when i'm laugh he's too.
weird ha ? but he never reply my text anymore. :((
at this time....
I HATE YOU !!!!!!

but, tomorrow when i see him again i can't hate him anymore.  uurrgghh how it could be like that 
oh ! i just remember that i had a weird dream ever ! it's about max.
so this is my dream's story.

my school suddenly is in the middle middle of like a forest or something i was playing flying fox. (weird ha)
and then after i play, i walk and sit in front of a class. i saw a girl and i ask her
" who are you ?"
and she said " i am max's sister"
what ???? max only had one brother.
after that, she took out  her phone and i asked her
" is that your phone"
she said " no, it's my brother's phone" it means it's max's phone.

i woke up and think maybe God trying to told me that Max is share his phone with his bro.
i don't know the truth but i hope he doesn't had a pulse anymore so he can't reply my text.
with that, i know that he can't reply my text not because he hates me :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feet Love Around The World: Week 4

hey bloggers ! it's already Tuesday again.. wow times go fast.
i feel like yesterday it's a Tuesday. well, it's time for

FEET Love Around The World
and now we entering week 4.

took those beautiful feet at grade seven one reunion.those beautiful feet is belong to Me ( the green one), Wulan ( the brown one) and Tasya.

Friendship Love, Feet Love

Monday, March 15, 2010

7-1 Reunion !!

at weekend, i had a great weekend cause i've been all day long escape from my room that makes me bored.

first at Saturday, just chat and surf the net nothing special. boring. really boring.

but ! Sunday (yeeahh) i escaped from my house all day long ! finally..
at the morning me and family went to e-walk for shopping and lunch.
we're lunch at Mr.Pancake at there i ate chicken bbq and my little bro ate spaghetti. my mom ate rainbow ice cream (it's a vanilla ice cream with strawberry, mango, and kiwi). we're laugh when my little bro lost his shoe. haha and we found his shoe at front of the resto. haha i don't have any idea how it could be like that hahha.
after that we went to ' Lapangan Merdeka' to ate Siomay and batogor ( it's one of Indonesia's traditional food it's a  fried soybean curd that filled with meatball). it's very DELICIOUS you have to taste it sometimes:).
after that, my family take me to the reunion.

The 7-1 grade reunion was held at Kemala Beach.
my friends who's attend that reunion are: Ilma, Tasya, Acha, Wulan, Fira, Fanny, Dwi, Bayu, Kadar, Wildan, Sophianur, Yanuar, and Rian. yeah i know it's not all the students but, it's still FUN !
(The Girls)
 (The Boys)

 (Catch Fanny, Ilma ! and then makes her get a shower twice haha)
 ( Pose !)

( cause it's starts rainy so we blew the cloud till it move, but it's still rain anyway haha of course it is)

so we decided to stay for a while at Dwi's car and a hut.
( rain or not we still 'narsis' ha ?)

Fira, Fanny, and Chintya decided to sing a song while waiting :)

(chintya the one who's play the guitar, fira the one with yellow jacket and Dwi the one with blue jacket)

after that we decided to go to Monumen Beach,we're walked at least 10 minutes from Kemala Beach.

( on the way to Monumen Beach)

after we arrived at Monumen beach we held a picnic there. my friends: Ilma, Tasya, and Fira cooks for us. they cooked chicken fried, omelet and Indonesian traditional sambal. hhmm.. DELICIOUS ! my friends are good at cooking :P

(ilma's hand)


of course we took a lots of pics too..

at monumen beach :

( Acha tooks it )

 ( i took this pic, and she don't know hha candid)



at Kemala Beach:

 ( i like this pic, cause tasya's hair is blow with the wind, haha of course who's took it ?? ME !





and last but not least are........



i know it's just a simple reunion but i hope there's a second so all the students in 7-1 will meet and greet together again..

well, that's all my highlight weekend 
thanks for read and enjoy :)
please leave a comment

*more photos at Facebook
check out:)