Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love it When Your Eyes Smiles To Me

just some quick outfit post
i'm not feeling good at all, i had a headache, my throat not feeling good
and all want to do is lying on the bed.
so this my photos about two days ago

Tell Me Everything :)

okay, i really need a rest now
don't forget to comment this, all of you are very welcoming 

Much Love

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is G.D.O

so, on Saturday 18th Sept 2010 (it's been a weeks ago)
me and my girls went for a little refreshing, tired of school stuffs.
We're went to E-walk (one of a popular mall in my city) right after the school's out.
we're straight went to my friend's house first, to change our uniform.

i also took some pictures of my friend's Elmo collection, she love Elmo :)

First let me introduce you to my girls ;)

Lunch together at 'Doner Kebab' :

then Chill out and LOL at 'J.CO':

silly us haha, we're trying to make an exotic face (?)
but we can', becauset we're not exotic. we're beautiful hahaha ;)

Well that's what happened when you had a
Girls Day Out 

Smiles, Jokes, Laugh and craziness are the only thing in our mind,
school ???  we're don't know where they are ;)

and this is just a some memories of a tons memories that i'll always remember

Have a Great Sunday everyone !

Much Love

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drowning in The Past

Yesterday i just started school and homeworks get crazy !!
Exams next week plus i had a middles semester exam on 11th October,
so i only had about..two weeks for study.
uurrgghhh !!!

Life gets better anyway i become more ready to face the Final Exam on March.
my problem get done clearly.
but i still want to back to the past i don't know why but seems like, God gave me a full bucket of chances
and i didn't took it. stupid, i know.
so many beautiful memories in the past that i can capture with my camera, so the memory will last forever.
but once again, i didn't do it. is like just pass away."i don't care" is what i do
i make someone hurts and make so much mistakes, that i think it was right. at that time
but, i realized that it's wrong and i can't say sorry cause i moved and people i hurt are far away.

now, God gave me a full tank of chances :)
chances to catch the beautiful memories through my Dad's camera,
not just by camera.. also by my eyes and my mind 
the beautiful memories i had just keep running like a movie and i don't want it o end.
if its have to, i want to make it a Happy Ending.

chances to more respect somebody else, through my experiences of making friends hurt
and learn more about this life...

Headband: it's an unbranded necklace actually :D
Top: Contempo
Maxi Skirt: Mom's
Unbranded Scarf

and Since 1996 i'm beginning my life.
taking risk and chances
remember everything, doesn't matter happy or sad
and learn from experiences.

For me, Life is a Journey That Will Never Ends

so This is maybe the start but you know what ?
the real start is The Life after This Life.

much Love <3

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stripes all the way

oh hello blog world !
gosh i miss you soooooo much ! like i wanna hug you haha
okay, first of all sorry. i know it's sick to hear the "sorry" all the time, even i do.
school's steal all my time and this stupid signal makes me want to pull all my hair out !!
but, 2 weeks holiday yeee makes me feel better. refreshing is the first thing on my mind.

well, i'm gonna share you my outfit today.
i know stripes is like last trends or whatever. but i like it now haha
it makes me look more slim :P

Casual Stripes

T-shirt: Colorbox
Shirt: Connexion
Jeans: Logo
Watch: Messori

or The Girlie One ;)

Stripes : Colorbox
Pants: Nevada
Necklace: Giveaway from Sherlyn

this necklace is sooo beautiful, thank you sherlyn :)

so what do you think ?
which fits me better ?

tell me everything :)
i miss all your supports