Thursday, December 31, 2009

SleepOver !!!

Dear bloggie...
i wanna tell you a HAPPY story (haha)

i decided to go to her house at 4pm.. with my dad :]
i'm sooo HAPPY today!
there's so many friends that joined us..
they are :
  1. Me.. :]
  2. Citra
  3. Rika
  4. Acha
  5. Ilma (of course)
  6. Annaz Tasya
  7. Fira and others that maybe will go..
i hopy this sleepover will be great! cause' you know..
New Year !!!
thanks for listening to my story :]
I hope you enjoy New Year Eve' with HAVE A GREAT TIME 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year !

Today is Wednesday (everyone knows that).
i mean today is 30th of December, you know.. New Year almost here.
let's throw up all the problem's in this year and start with something new.

I wanna be a better person for all people in my life, be a better daughter for my parents, and be smarter :D.
 I wanna be a famous writer someday. like, Stephenie Meyer or JK. Rowling.
I wanna college in UCLA (University of California) in Los Angeles.
i want to live in Calif. too... it's great! lol

New's the time where we celebrate the moment with someone we loved.
My friends, they're planning to have a 'new year time' with have sleepover in one of my friend's house. i want to join too.. but, my mother..she's not allowed me.
why ?? i never have like this before :(

i am so jealous with them who can have it.
i just hope maybe my parents can allow me..

 and Bloggie..

Happy New Year !!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Inspired (copy from my FB)

I live in the middle of Forest, that place called Townsite. We usually called that place as TS or Utan :D. I was a new student in National School or now Buin Batu School. I was fifth grade. Then my BFF introduce her self to me, i remembered with her long(about a shoulder) black hair. and it was the first time i met her :). Her name was Oline.

In the class, sitting on the blue carpet with the white wall that painted with a shark and everything about ocean. and when i tell a story, all my friends were came to me. It was the first sign that i'm belong in here. 

The next day, i was in the bus sat next to the window and i saw my Best Friend sat across to me. I don't know that she was my friend, but when i arrived at the school i realized that she's my friend. Then my friend told her that i was a new student. Her name was Nanda, and she told me to choose one of brooch that i like and that was the second sign that i'm belong in here.

Nanda was very close with my another Best Friend. Her name was Adika.
Me and Oline was in the playground we're chat :D. Then, Nanda and Adika came we're playing together. Nanda usually call her self "nda" and i had an idea. Why we can have a nickname like Nanda. and... V4 has created. V4 was a short name of Vwend 4eva. Consist with Oline (Lno), Nanda (Nda), Adika (Dka), and me (Zya). After that, we're become very close. We're lunch together, we're LOL together, we're hang out together (mostly swim).
and that was the third sign that i'm belong in here. and i'm really sure that i'm belong in here.

Days after days, months after months, and years after years we're past it together. I was become very close with Oline. and my heart said that she was my true friend. I have a GREAT experience ever with V4.

But, the Sunshine disappear. Black cloud was come, my parents told me that i have to move. I'm angry with my self, i rather be a nerd and don't know everybody include V4 than i'm BFF with V4 but, have to leave them. The lives must go on i can't stay like this forever. So i told them that i will move. I have to tell everything about BBS in front of the class, b4 i move. i wanted to cry, but i can't it was fasting month. My BFF came in front the class, to told about me. It was funny and sad too.

So, i moved. I always move. I leave my friends, i leave my best friends, and my BFF. have to fight the future without no one beside me for help me.
1 year after i moved. 

Now, I'm thinking. Thinking about if i can become a wizard, so i can turn back time and stay ever after w/ my friends again. But, i realized if i do that so i can't learn about mistakes that i already made. and that was my biggest mistake. Thank you guys or sist(=p) now i know that i can't have everything. I LOVE YOU ! ALWAYS AND FOREVER !

Here i am now, the girl that always move. Had to left her crazy hilarious buddy behind :) but i'll keep in touch with u...all.
and now my new friends(or not 'new' anymore) can make feel better. They always make me remember each of you with their behavior. Thanks...thank you SO MUCH ! I know that..


Sunday, December 27, 2009

To You..

 Me Without You

It's just you and me and there's no one around
I feel like I'm hanging by a thread, it's a long way down   
I've been trying to breathe, but I'm fighting for air
I'm at an all time low with no place to go

But you're always there when everything falls apart
And it seems like the world is crashing at my feet          
You like me the best, when I'm a mess

When I'm my own worst enemy
You make me feel beautiful
When I have nothing left to prove
And I can't imagine how I'd make it through        
There's no me without you

You hear what I say, when I don't say a word

You are my rising sun, you're the place I 

You know how it hurts when everything falls apart
And it seems like the world is crashing at my feet
You like me the best, when I'm a mess
When I'm my own worst enemy

You make me feel beautiful
When I have nothing left to prove
And I can't imagine how I'd make it through      
There's no me without you

And when you say baby it's gonna get better, I believe you
And I wish that somehow I could see me though what you do
With my imperfections, you think I'm perfect
When it's not easy, you make it worth it

When everything falls apart
And it seems like the world is crashing at my feet
You like me the best, when I'm a mess
When I'm my own worst enemy

You make me feel beautiful
When I have nothing left to prove
And I can't imagine how I'd make it through

There's no me without you

* This song was dedicated to my friends..
I Love You With All My Heart  

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life is Like a Dreamland

I am so happy today !
I feel Great !
I feel Good!
I feel Awesome!
I was very happy ! I wanna touch the sky!

the blue sky full of clouds that make comfort
i like to know what it feels if we can sleep on it.
that's amazing! i'll never gonna go back to the earth i'm gonna bulid a house made of clouds ! haha supersuper great life!
I know you want too.. hehe :]
this is the step i want to do for touch the sky:
1. Jump on the trampoline

 2. Jump Higher till' i scream

3, Touch The Sky! yeeahh

4. Sleep On it hahha

or.. if we doesn't have trampoline we can use the cradle! hahha

Life is Great!
dependent to what you imagine for.
if you can imagine this world is a dreamland, you can have a life like that :)
don't be scared to dreaming, cause' start from dream ended with 
He's Sooooooo Cute !
He's  Sooooooo Cool !
He's Looks Like My Brother !

what i'm feeeling right now ??
he's totally CUTE ! ADORABLE! and COOL!
meet you again at school on Monday..
hahhahha Crazy in Love :):):)


Friday, December 25, 2009


it's december..
the end of December.. the month with HOLIDAYS hhahha :D
2009 is almost over. say Goodbye to 2009 and say HELLO to 2010
this is the ending of my story at 2009, but in 2010 the story must go on..
hey! it's christmas day.. happy christmas for all you that celebrate it..
 i'm thinkin if in Indonesia there's a snow... maybe i can't breathe hahha i have a problem with my nose(lol). but, i'll enjoy it. i mean we can try build a snow man in a day.
wow! wonderful day! i just hope i can do that wih my friends :)

hahahha LOL w all my friends all day long.

what everyone wanted.
i can refused it too..
surf the net all day long, hang out, try something new, bungee jumping ( whattt??), and kinda stuff like that. what a wonderful holiday.
but! i just have a holiday for a week..
that's suck ! what i'm doin ?? just watch TV in home ??
uurrgghhh stupid school..
i miss my old school in Townsite,BBS (Buin Batu School). my friends in there have a holiday for 1 month.. 1 month guys !
lazy now. i am lazy.
there's nothin to do a.k.a boring !

this is December the last month of the year but, the new month for me to start from beginning  again.
hope we'll meet again next year.. :]
for yaaa all......

 Have a Great Holiday !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nothing to do...
Hello bloggie.. how are you ??
i get bored at this time. i don't know what i must to do...
uuuuurrggggggggggh !
hey! i'm not goin to school today.. haha :D alpha.. hehe because,there's nothin' to do in school today ! so, what i'm doin' just lookin at the tree.. waiting maybe that tree could run! hahhahahahha NO WAY!
here i am now, surf the net all day long (again) lol. i'll keep do that till' i get bored :p

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sorry.. I'm Forget :)

Dear bloggie, THIS IS THE BAD DAY EVER !
why ?? because of this....
well, i went to school today. there's a game for my class, basketball game. my class vs 8 International class. My class's team are me, Widya, Citra, Wulan and Ilma ( Wulan and Ilma are in the team, but now they're moved from basket).
So, here we go..
 when i was sat under the stairs, citra drop the "aqua" and HIT ilma's bag. she put down the bag and the wallet was drop on the floor. So, because i am sneaky i took it and hide it in my bag. until hours.
when i wanted to go home, i met her at the gate. I clap my hand to her shoulder. but, i can't remember if her wallet was in my bag ( how stupid i am??)
when i was in my car drove to home. she called me and ask about her wallet. I said i was forgot to give her wallet back. i'm so SORRY... 
I have to giving back her wallet tomorrow after school. if her doesn't come to school i'll giving back the wallet to her house.


But, when i put on my status on facebook about apologize to her. she doesn't mad anymore :] pyyuhhh.. thanks ILMA :]
yyeeeesssssssss !   


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photos again hahha

Hey! it's me again :]
today, i take some pictures ( well not 'some') hahha in our class. E.O a.k.a Eight One..
our class has been painted with green colour. it's beautiful hahha and WE LOVE GREEN :D
so, here they are.. some of our pics.. :]

* More photos at my facebook : Ladinia Dalintasya

oouuchh !

Hey bloggie ! how this day goin ?? hahha
i had a bad experience today. i joined the basketball team in my school since this semester. i joined this team because i like to playing basketball but, i'm not really good at basketball :D. so, i think who cares ?? maybe with joined this team i can be a professional basketball player hahha ( nice imagination).
so, today is a class meeting day. there's no lesson. but i don't know why i wanted to play basketball. me, citra, and widya (my friends, they joined the team too) become as 1 team. and my junior class become as one team too. we're playing 3on3. after we're done playing. we're just shooting at the ring. rebound. and one of my friends shooted the ball. it was HIT my FACE. it was really..really..really.. hurt! i feel headache. uuhh.. fortunely i'm not unconscious. huhh... hahha who's gonna take me to the hospital than ??!! lol :]
but, it's okay. i already forgive her. that's the experience that i never forget about basketball :D:D:D

Mother ohh Mother :]

the best thing i ever had. without you there's no me. you give me all your love, you give me all your support, and you give me all your life.maybe. i still a girl that doesn't know about everything that you already give to me. but, i always know that you never gonna let me down.

Until i write this blog, i never know what is ' Mother' means. all i know is you're my hero. all i know is you always there for me. all i know is you give all your life for me. so, what is 'mother' means ?? i still think about it. i don't know what it is.

Even i don't know what is ' mother' means, i still know that you'll always be my MOM, BEST FRIEND, STAR that hold me, SUN make me warm when i was sad, MOON that always light my nights, HERO for everyything, and MY SAVIOR. Mom.. although i never say this to you. but, YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING =]. like the stars hold the moon. i can't just let you go, like you always did to me. you told me about this life. life is like the climb, don't you tired about this life. you always showed me your love :). i learn many things from what you always did.

Someday, when i grow up. and  have  kids. i wanna be just like you. a mother that always there for me. i wanna be a sunshine for my kids, just like you. Mom.... i know it's hard to say that i care about you, that i know what you feel when ALLAH S.W.T gives me for you, that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART

There's no love like you give to me. but, i always know that you always will be my MOTHER. my beautiful independent mother :]:].

TO: My Beautiful Mother.
From: Your Daughter.

Monday, December 21, 2009


 Love Forever !

I Converse :)

* I like Her Style :D

I ♥ Demi Lovato...

Demitria Devonne Lovato

It's Over !!! :):)

Things I wanna Do...
  1. Surf the net all day long (haha)
  2. Turn the music OUT LOUD!
  3. Dancing ( do the crazy moves)
  4. Playing under the rain

      5. Go to the beach !
      6. Watch Movies
      7. Smile to everybody

      8. LOL
      9. Jump on the trampollin
    10. Write This Blog (hehe)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Story of Us

I love Balloons..
They're cute, so colours  , and round hahha. i like to holdin' it, never gonna let go. but, sometimes you have to lose it. nothin' can we do. cause' we can't have everything. and i has to many things that i had to lose it.

i can't do anything. it's just like we're meant to leave something to have another else. i don't know.. maybe like Best Friend, our love, parents, and anyone else.
I have to lose my friends. all my friends. just because of my parents. my father, he wanted to move. of course me and my family have to move too. my dad can't stay far away from us. but, if he wanted to move ? why me too ?? our family loves to live in there. my brothers, my mom and me.
i can't angry w/ my dad. he's still my dad whatever he does.
now, i miss my friends.
I miss my old friends.

All My Friends

My Best Friends

I know what it feels if we have to leave our friends. and do it again..and again..and again. it feels like " This Is Life" leave someone that we love. and find somebody else and leave it again. over..over..

i don't like this life! i hate life like this! i want to live happily ever after just like in fairytale. but, this the Fairytale. Happy endings of course someday we'll have it.

Now, i live in Balikpapan. it's been 1 year, if this is where i have to live, i mean no " Move" again. i'll take it. i have a better life now. my friends do something crazy to make me LOL. I like to be in here. 
We're hang out together. 


Take a Picture in School

 Going To The Beach

We do many things together. I just Love life like this. and i don't want to leave my friends again.

For you who read this story, i just wan to tell you. No matter what happens, how far, and in every condition DON'T LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS ALONE.
They need you more than you can imagine. They need you to tell their problems, they need your protections, they need your jokes, and their need your shoulder.

PS: To my other friends..i'm sorry i can't write about you guys in here. but, you'll ALWAYS IN MY HEART.
I  ♥ U with all my ♥