Friday, July 23, 2010

I am The Happy Girl

sorry sorry sorry for the late post :)
school get busy, yeah i know since i'm a 9 grader now.
have to practice more, final exam, and many more to fight.
homeworks go crazy ! everyday there's a homework ! especially math.
but, it's a weird thing that i'm not complaining bout that. in grade 8 i always complaining when my teacher gave me a homework.
since i'm so lazy in math, i accept that, haha i need more practice in math.
i guess my self knows that this is the time, now or never.

i just wanna past it with a smile :)
cause we're the happy girls

Top: Spyder Bilt
Skirt: Cool Girl
Sandals: Gosh
Scarf: Stroberi
Belt: Unbranded

so guys, i alredy replied all your comments on my previous post.
and it's all amazing, i love you :*
thank you for make me feel confident because of your support !


Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beautiful Things

'Batik' is 100% came from Indonesia since a long long long time ago.
everyone even every country admit that 'Batik' is beautiful.
that's why people keep trying to steal 'Batik' from us.
one country just said that 'Batik' is from their country, i was so mad in that country.
they steal like almost everything from us, but thanks God my country can prove that Batik is from our country.
of course we can !
until now i still mad to 'that' country, they can't stop to stealing our culture or let's say. . our treasure.
from 'Batik' to Pencak silat, from coal until trees.

and now i know. . .
i feel sorry for 'that' country cause they don't have anything special from their country.
i find out that, their culture is . . .
"Stealing Others Country Treasure"

(1)Necklace from Lombok, (2) one of many batik motif.

Batik: Connexion
Long Skirt: Unbranded
Belt: Unbranded
Necklace: From Lombok 
( i like to go to beach a lot, when i live in that beautiful island)
Headband: Stroberi, is a shawl too 


Much Love

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


well, sorry for not posting in few days.
school just starts this Monday, so i get busy as always.
and i'm home around 3 pm, i'm so tired.

Talk about the 2 weeks holiday i had,
i went to many places. since my old brother visit us in this holiday haha.
but, too bad i forgot to bring my camera to some places

these are a few (?)  photos from my holiday 
(i wore a really simple outfit, a casual outfit. . .i think)

(my old Brother)

(my Brothers)

See a simple outfit right ? 
yea of course i wore it, because i will across a long bridge and hiking in the forest i can't dress too much haha.

(well, my little brother doesn't really like to be photographed)

Shirt, Heroine Experimental- Jeans, P.O Box- Converse- Watch, Messori

also took a family picture
this is the first time i saw you, my whole family

so, how's your holiday guys ?

Much Love

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save The Wild For The Child

holiday is great thing huh ?
anyone's wait for it.
and when holiday comes no more lesson, no more work, no more studying.
sleeps late, watch TV all night long, go to interesting place, visit family, and refresh our mind.
Holiday is a gift.

so one of my favorite place to spend my holiday is beach. yes beach is the best place to think. to hear the sound from the waves when they crash the seashore, to see how beautiful this world is, to feel thankful for God who gives us a place like this, to watch the sunset, to walk along the beach, and standing on the seashore wait for the waves to comes and wet my feet is the best thing that i like to do.
no more stress, no more pain, no more broken heart.

but, the most of all i like my headband so bad. the combination of the ribbon and the butterflies makes me more girly, since i always be a kind of tomboy. i remembered when i wore it at school, everyone just asked,
"wow i like your headband. it's cute where do you buy it ?"
everyone always asked where did i bought it.

The bag is a recycled bag. that's why when the first time i saw it, i just like
"whoa this bag is so unique and i like it"
'Save The Wild For The Child' (with the tiger face)
is the second thing that makes me choose this bag.
i'm just loving it !

Bow Headband: Unbranded
Checkered Shirt: Dust
Top: Inspired
Pants; Nevada
Bag: a recycled unbranded bag
Sandals: Gosh

Enjoy Your Holiday, Friends !
much Love

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What I Want for This Month

Hi everybody !
i'm feeling great today, you know why ??
because. . .
yes, everything back to normal. everything is okay now 
thanks God and thanks to you who always support me
hugs and kisses for ya'll.

today i don't think i can post about my outfits.
 so, let's see what i like the most about fashion and what i want for this month :)

as always Selena Gomez's style as my inspiration.
she had a clothing line too called "Dream Out Loud".
i think she'd better acts that sings (sorry) but, i think her voice is bad.
don't worry i love her music, her style, and her acting too.

(love the shoes)

what i want:

this camera

or this one

this dress and the denim shirt

this skirt

the dress and also the boot

These hats

ok, i need to stop before this post will be like the longest post ever !
 happy weekend all 

much Love