Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Season

Spring, what a beautiful season. my favorite season besides summer.
to bad i don't had spring season in my country but, i love to feel it just for once.
feel the sunshine, wearing sundress and walk on the grass and flower fields.
what a beautiful day.

things that must i have on my 'spring season imagination':

- Sunshine. the beautiful sunshine and suddenly everythings get warm.

- Colorful flowers grow beautifully. 

- Wear a beautiful sundress and a hat.

- Birds chirping.

- Bike Around.

- Laying On The Grass.

at least i can feel spring just like that, beautiful sunny day to spend, hear the nature singing and laying on the green grass is so amazing even just for imagine it. wondering if they all real, maybe i don't wanna go home just stay in there forever.

Happy Spring Season Everybody !
Hope You'll Have a Great Springtime ever !

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thanks for making my day beautiful