Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Love Weekend

love love weekend !
saturday again haha love this day full of happiness and laughs.
so this day i wore a red ribbon headband to school, and when i took a break after played basketball i putted that ribbon headband to my friend's head. you think that's might be okay. but no! my friend is a boy haha one of my guy-friends :D. hey but he doesn't pull it off, he still wore it while shoot the ball in to the ring haha it's really funny you know when he act like he is a girl haha me and my friends that saw him was LOL and i mean really loud.
we took a pics too, but too bad i can't show it to you now, my USB is broken -,-. maybe next time.
full of craziness !

can't wait for tomorrow ! My Mom back from Malang yipppyyyy !
Mama... I miss you soooooooooo much !
i wanna see your smile again, hear your jokes again, and hear you yell at me to get a shower hehe.

oh and this little things that i wanna share with you
this little text was mean a lot for me. just like what i feel right now, but it's too late he belongs to someone else. passing up on an opportunity is a ridiculous thing.
tell me what do you think and give me some advice
thank you :)

have a wonderful weekend everyone !
but, don't forget to check this blog out :P haha
love ya'll with all my heart


thanks for making my day beautiful