Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome April !!

Hey Everybody ! It's April !!
Wow! times goes really fast. just yesterday i said "Welcome March" and now we're entering the new month.
well, Happy New Month Everybody !
it's really nice to know that God still give me a chance to live in this world, to feel, and remember the things after 14th years i live.
Thanks God..

well, not all months goes so well. it must have the things that makes me happy and sad in this March.
and here they are. i try to share it with you.

Things Makes Me Happy In This March :
- There's so much unforgettable memories about Max and I such as: we're talk and LOL, text so FUN, and smile to each other and so many else.
- Had a school holiday for a week.
- Got a new bag :P, a cute little bag for hang out.
- My Best Friend, Nanda had a sweet birthday surprise from my friend. too bad i can't join them cause we're apart now.
- Watched horror movies with friends and still LOL till now if we remember all the 'funny things'.
- Got an extra time to spend my day in front of my laptop.
- Spend more time with my little bro.
- Got an extra money form my dad (I Love You Daddy !)
Things Makes Me Out OF My Mood In This March:
 - School break that makes me get bored.
- Getting lazy to go to basketball practice.
- Got nothing to do.
- 'Max' share a story about 'something' that makes him happy but makes me sad.
- My mom goes to Malang for two weeks.
- No Hang out and almost spend my days in my room.
- To clean my messy room :D.
- Sick that makes me (maybe) not go to basketball practice tomorrow.
- Can't see Max for one weeks (blah!)
- I Miss my class, and my friends too. i wanna LOL and get crazy with them again.
- Wet season in my country. hate rain -,-

My Hope For This Month:
- My BFF, Oline's Birthday can be the greatest and unforgettable birthday bash for her(it's 28th A.
- Got someone for April Fool's day! haha
- Max can spend more time with me. text me, smile at me, talk and LOL again.
- Max doesn't get back with his ex-GF.
- Out of my 'bored' mood.
- Can playing basketball better than now.
- Everyday such a beautiful day to spend.
- Can get more ideas and inspiration for posting in this blog.
- hope in this new month i can be a better person that before.
-More Sunny day to spend in.
so, that's all Things That Makes Me Happy, Makes Me Sad, and My Hope for this Month.
thank you for you who always read and say hello in my blog. can't wait for more hello :)



  1. i just loved this post! so cool! :}

    basketball is great! but i'm really bad. haha!

    how old is your little bro?


  2. thank you
    mmm... he's 10 years old, why ?

  3. the pictures in this post are lovely.
    there's a johnny depp shirt.

  4. thank you.. :)
    just check out


thanks for making my day beautiful