Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kartini's Day 2010

so, how this friday goin ?
great huh ?
well, just like me this friday is G-R-E-A-T !
why ? because there's a celebration for Kartini's Day.
who's Kartini ?
Kartini is a wonderwoman, she is the hero for woman. she's the one who makes girl and boy is same. no differences anymore. she's wonderful, she's the spirit that every woman have.
she's beautiful,smart,wonderful,nice and incredible.
even words can't tell every single extraordinary things from her.

so, usually we celebrate the Kartini's day on 21st of April, but my school celebrate it on 23rd of April (this friday). even it's late but, it's still G-R-E-A-T !
usually we celebrate it with wear a Kabaya, a traditional clothes/dress (or something) like this.....

(you can say i'm nuts but, yeah! that what i wear a Kabaya, white long skirt and a converse (?!). yuph! thats my style)

(my school held a cooking competition, and this is a cake that presenting my class )

(Tasya & Ilma)

(finally widya's come, we've been looking for her)

(Widya's presenting our class to fashion show competition with Candra as her partner).

traditional dance from Borneo

(Angklung Gita Bahana)

band performances from our school

the fashion show

and yes ! we're  the 3rd winner yeahhh !

class photos

(actually, my class can be a winner from " The Most Narsis Class Ever! " haha)

well, to many photos i think

have a great weekends everyone !



  1. Happy Kartini's day my bestie..
    kita pas upacara ujan loh.. jadinya kita UPACARA DI DALAM RUANGAN.. this is my first time, in the kind of way.
    and oh yeah, it was kinda weird for me.. benderanya tuh cuman diiket gitu doang trus kita nyanyiin lagu Indonesia Raya.. how great it was!!
    nice blog. ily imy

  2. thank you :)
    wow, i've never heard about ceremony in the room haha but it's cold right > there's an AC in your class hahha

  3. Love the converse shoes :)
    The clothes are beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog <3 I love yours!! This post is amazing and the pictures are beautiful! You've got yourself a new follower <3

    PS, love that you wore converse!

  5. Thanks for stopping by...I love the traditional clothes, and I love your shoes :)


thanks for making my day beautiful