Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Learning

so yesterday, i went to a mall near my house. actually the mall is owned by the company of my house regency it's called "Balikpapan Baru Mall". i took a short walk with my mom while holding a little bag and camera round my neck. usually i'm too lazy to get walk or jogging, but yesterday my mom promise me to buy me a "Brownie Sundae".  Yay! of course i'd love to go haha.

on the way to the mall i took some photo of the view. You know,  this housing where i stay is so green, tidy, and very beautiful.  It's inspired by some cities in the world like Vancouver, Beverly Hills, Paris, Amsterdam and so much more (maybe next time i'll take you with me to see those housing). 

Found this cute little girl bike around with her friend (pretty sure he is not her boyfriend haha)

where do want me to take you first ?
montreal, Balikpapan Baru Mall, Paris, Den Haag, or Amsterdam ? haha guess The Balikpapan Baru Mall first. Well, slow down we're on the ride hehe. First, let's say hello to my mom !

along the way...

(this is the gate of Den Haag Housing )

welcome to The Balikpapan Baru Mall.. !

find this cute chinese paper lanterns near the street in front of the mall

look when it's light at night (yes i'll go to the mall till night haha)

(beautiful isn't it ? sorry this picture is not so good cause i took it when i was hurried. as you can there's a food stalls in it, they're sell so many traditional food from our country.)

(took it when i'm on my way to gome, my father pick me and my mother up after work)

well that's all people, thank you so much for your time to read my post and it;ll be great if you comment it too and please give me an advice about my photography.
i am still learning somehow :)

p.s: i write this post when i do my homework
psssst.. don't tell my mom, promise ?



  1. balikpapan is beautiful than samarinda..
    tas kata mamaku kapan2 bisa lho jalan2 ckck smoga kita bisa ketemu yaaa huaaa i miss you so

  2. What a great place! I loved. As much I loved your pictures! What kind of camera do you have?! :)

  3. Oline: really ? ayoookk kita jalan-jalan bareng2 kita hunting photo bareng pokoknya seru-seruaaann hahha amien amien..

    @carolina: well, it's not a photography camera i think, it's canon G10


thanks for making my day beautiful