Friday, March 19, 2010

When The Power Goes Out..

it's been 8 hours since you turn off the power you stupid idiot useless company ! or should i say 'PLN' ?? ?right.. you must kidding me.. turn around i'll give you a gift, it's my shoes... AT YOUR BUTT !
yeahhh don't you ever messed up with me. 

don't you realized how much we needs the power ??!!
 can you see ?! we're dying in the dark.
stupid you ! and IDIOT!

 at 6 am the power goes out. so at that time i went for school so, it's okay i think maybe the power will be okay when i'm home.
BUT...! when i was home at 12 pm it still OFF !
it's been 6 hours, and now it's take 8 hours !

God.. please..please turn on the lights again we wanna see the lights again :)

(ps: i can't believe i live in a green city of the darkness)


  1. Ah, last weekend we lost power in the Northeast, too. It was out for over 24 hours! Definitely made me thankful for when we DO have power! Hoping yours comes back soon :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i can't imagine how it would be, no lights for 24 hours
    yeah me too im so thankful when we're had the power before the nights comes

    your welcome :)


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