Thursday, March 18, 2010

God Always Tell Us The Truth

hey bloggers.. 
i feel so lucky today. i feel so lucky because God always tell me the truth. the truth from all of our wishes, and our hopes. God always tell the truth when i'm so confused at things when it's getting wrong. for example when i'm in 5th grade i lost my money. im praying to God to  give me the clue where my money is. i try so hard to find it, until one day im letting it go. i'm hoping for God to give the money for someone who belongs to, and if anyone steal it from me show them His madness.
one day, i dreamed about that money i dreamed that i was putted my money in my jeans pocket. i woke up the next morning and go find it and ya there it is. my money is in my jeans pocket the exactly jeans that i had in my dream.
thanks for Allah who makes it easy for me :)
and now, once again God tell me truth.He tell me about Max. just like i told for you before ( at this blog ) i had a weirdest dream about Max. i dreamed that he's share his phone with his brother.
and today it's true! max really sharing his phone with his brother, i think so because i look his brother's phone is like max's phone. and when he doesn't had any pulse anymore, his brother too.
today, Max's didn't bring phone and ya his phone is with his brother.

Thanks God for keep telling me the truth from all :)
i am so sorry when i can't be a good enough person who always praying and say thank you for all this beautiful gift that You already give to me. i'm sorry if i always make You mad and run from you.
Ya Allah... please don't leave me alone when anythings getting wrong or when it's right.
please show me the way to be in Your beautiful place, heaven.
please please please... to always help me in this big worlds with thousands of problems that already attacking me.

now I believe..
That God will never let us alone, that God always be there with us, and always tell the truth. 

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