Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Text, You Text, We're Texting !

feel great today !
today max and i text each other.
finally after the days we're not texting cause he doesn't had any pulse anymore.
we're back again. texting again.

you don't had any idea how much happy i am and i'm so nervous. i'm so confused to find things to ask him. but, he always makes it easy.
when i text him, he's playing Plays Station hahha and he says that he's palying NSF Mostwanted (a car racing game).
we talks so many things and i'm just so confused to tell you one by one.
plus i'm so happy today !!
He got me amazing cause' he was so amazing
he got me smile cause' he so cool
he got me laugh cause he so honest about everything :)

maybe it's time i tell you how great he is and always makes me crazier and crazier everytime i saw him.
1. he's calm but friendly.
2. he's cool and smart
3. he's nice and awesome
4. he has a beautifulest smile ( maybe it's been one hundred times, i told you)
5. he has a great eyes ever
6. and the way he walking is perfect
7. he has a unique name too
8. and once again he's sooooo

he's my prince charming :)
and.. this is the things that makes me jump so high !
he sends back to me a "love forever" text.
wow! you know kinda..
'send this message to your bestfriends and you couple and if it's back blablablabla...... you'll get your love in 25 march'
usually, im not believe in that. but ! he sends back to is the one who makes me AWESOME !
im so excited thank you

Love Love Love You Always

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