Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I Love about This Week

well, finally comes Saturday. my favorite day in whole week.
no lessons, no practice, and no study cause tomorrow is a holiday haha
yes ! i'm on holiday for a month yayyy..
from 29 March until 3rd April lol
a month isn't it ? :D
so, i decided to make things that i love in this week :)

1. Almost everyday i'm surfing the net since my mom goes to Malang. (hehe bad girl)

2. Listen to Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack 'Almost Alice' everyday. just some songs that sang by singer that i know.

3. Listen to Justin Bieber's songs

4. Got Max's photo with black shirt. he's so cute and i like his smile in that pic.

(sorry not the real pic cause if i post it, it'll be a big trouble:D)

5. Max's reply my texts

6. I can LOL and tell joke with him and see his big beautiful smile for me.

7. Go to basketball practice with my friends.

8. sing and dance in my room and no ones will ever know.

9. these converse shoes (i wanna buy it !)

10. and last, my love for Max become 5th months :P
i always love you Max, Always.
you said that you look for a girl that beautiful and loyal. so here i am, i've been love you for 5th months. 

can you see ? that you belong with me. Max, you belong with me
Forever & Always

actually there's so many things that i love in this week but, this is the greatest.
YOU who always read my blog and comment it, you're the person that i love this week :)
thanks for always check my ordinary blog, read my stupid story, and comment it (even when i'm late to reply it)
I Love You All With All My Heart


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