Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday Movies.. !!

hello bloggers :)
what a sunny day today in Indo, i love this day.
it's sunny, it's sunday, and it's HOLIDAY!!!

hehe this morning i woke up at 8am, you know i wanna get up at holiday at least at 10am but it's too hard and i hate that. why i always wake up at 7 or 8am. did my eyes know that i'm still sleepy ??
well, boringness attack me now. turn on the TV but there's no good films or shows.
while my little bro get a shower. i'm practice my 'lay up' first (really bad on that). went to my room and just like always turn on my laptop and start to surf the net without take a bath first :P (eeeuuwww).
when i opened my facebook profile, my friends online too and without take a bath first haha.
bad girls .

tomorrow i hope gonna be a good day cause tomorrow me and my friends will held a monday movie !
we'll watch movie in XXI (the only theater in my city) my city is so small. that's why we only had one good theater actually.
we can't decided what movie we'll watch. cause we're afraid the schedule will change. my friends who will come:
1. Me (of course)
2. Tasya
3. Ilma
4. Rika
5. Widya
6. Citra (i bought the tickets for Widya and Citra gosh ! noooo my money .i can save any money for now )
7. Bayu
8. Chandra ( i don't know if they're come or not)
and everybody else (forget who will comes actually).

so i hope tomorrow will be a good day for us to spend our holiday :)

and what will you do for this week bloggers ?
hope you'll get a amazing holiday for you who on holiday right now


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