Friday, March 26, 2010

just sit down in front of my laptop.

get bored !
help me...
i wanna chat with my BFF through webcam, but her webcam doesn't work.
stupid signal !
actually, i have a basketball practice today but, i can't go cause my father can't pick up me after the practice. (my house is sooooo far from my school.

and here i am now !
stuck in my room in front of my laptop, opened my music folder put some of Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack and justin bieber's songs in my Windows Media Player. opened my facebook, twitter, and of course my fairytale (blog).

well, i get so bored so i turn on my webcam and take pictures haha
and try edited it :)

my loony faces :P

crazy hair haha

Medusa haha

try to be calm

Pose !

photo is a thing that makes me happy.
to see my photo with my friends and remember the things that makes us laugh in the pic is the unforgettable  memories.
to see my photo when i was a little girl, is the sweetest memory ever.
childhood is the best !
all the things like barbie and now i lost many of them hehe
 (well, i don't really know whats the point from the story that i wanna tell you, it feels like everything's get bored)

HELP !!!


  1. hello! :-) you have such a cute blog! i'm following you now! i can't wait for more.

    you are so pretty! love the pictures! i love Justin's songs too.

    and,of course,childhood is the best!

  2. hi ! thank you so so so much !
    hehe thank you once again :)
    yeah he's so cute

    and love your blog too, i want to learn about photography actually


thanks for making my day beautiful