Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a Beautiful Day ?

i know i always said 
' Today was a fairytale'
' this is the greatest day in my entire life'
but, you know it is...
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this day !!!
and i guess you know the reason.
yuph ! because of Max. he makes my day bright and i said
" I Love this day!" and i feel like i'm ready to fight this day haha
first, sorry i don't post something for one day (??) i feel so sorry about that to my 'Fairytale' i'm sorry to leave you alone. cause you know yesterday i had a basketball practice. i really HATE HATE HATE physical exercise. uurrggghhh we had 2 coach to train us. i don't like the one of my coach, she's so loud (yea my coach is a lady/girl) :D
but, i like the one she's so kind and funny.
and today...
is the greatest is like my pain of yesterday gone.
today, as ussual i ate in canteen and Max sit in front of me (a little bit right). i was so happy but i try to calm down. i act like i don't care but still i can't hide my smile.
so i just talk and when Novel ask who's Widya's boyfriend, he looks at me.
Ifan ask my permission to tell them or not.
and he said to me
" Who is he ?"
i said
" ask Ifan" but Ifan just laugh and won't tell them
so, i decided to tell Max who's Widya's boyfriend.
and he just laugh and don't believing in what i said.and we're laugh together while talk about them

at second break just like always i went to his class just to talk and had jokes with my friends in junior class.
and once again we're talk and laugh. so many things that we're laugh about 
and there's the times when Max played with his friends and i was looked at him i smiled to him and he reply it with his big beautiful smile ever !
my heart went knock..knock haha
and there's the times when we're jokes and i laugh because he's so funny 

This is The Beautifulest Day of The Beautiful Days.

Love Love Max,
guess it it's his name haha 

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