Monday, March 22, 2010

Scanner Board of Love

Today i had a computer exam.  and i forgot to bring my scanner board. so tried so hard to find someone who bring it. then, i went to max's class and widya ask
" does anybody bring a scanner board"
and then Ifan (one of students or my friends in basketball team) said
" max..!"
and i said (with a little bit happy and nervous)
"may i borrow your scanner board ?"
and the he said
" here, for what ?"
me: " for computer's exam, thanks" with a smile.
i came to my class and so happy told my friends
" guess who have this one ?"
and my friend said
" max's"
"ya.." and all students in my class just gave me this sound
" cieeee..." whistle and something else 
i am so excited at that time !
and i said
" please be my good luck charm"
haha :)
and at 2nd break i gave his scanner board back. but, he isn't there so i gave the scanner board to Ifan
and when i have a talk with my friends.
i saw max and i said
"Thank you.."
and he just smile :)
a beautiful smile haha
well, this afternoon is raining in my school.
i waited for my friends. and i saw him, i saw him under the tree.
i smile at him and he's smile at me too.
wow ! what a wonderful day ...?
i just won't forget this day in my entire life

Fresh News !
Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas is Dating !!!
finally after a moths she told the media that she didn't date him.
During an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on his radio program, The Billy Bush Show, the host asked Lovato if she’d ever dated any of the Jonas Brothers, 
“Umm, maybe,” she said coyly.
“Which one? Joe?” asked Bush,to which 
Lovato said, “Yeah. He’s actually… he’s my best friend.”
Pressing for clarification, Bush said, “So you guys went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?”
“No kind of the opposite,” the 17-year-old Sonny with a Chance star explained.
“Oh? So you’re dating him now?” asked Bush.
“Umm, yeah he is my best friend and he is incredible,” Lovato finally confessed.
Lovato described her Camp Rock 2 costar as a “complete gentleman,” who “treats me to the most amazing places.”
She added, “He’s perfect.” 

great hah ? and paparazzi capture them at local church
find the at local park (they're so sweeet)

  (laying on the grass together it's so sweet)

and paparazzi catch them after shopping too


 well, i guess that's all the story that i want to tell you today.
hope ya'll get a wonderful day too :)


  1. oh love love love that joe and demi are together

  2. ya.. i was very happy when i read the article form demi's fan site.


thanks for making my day beautiful