Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seven Grade Reunion Is Tomorrow

 Yay! today is Saturday. my favorite day in whole week finally comes.
im so excited today, because tomorrow is 'JuSat' reunion or Seven Grade Reunion :)
all my friends in 7-1 class will comes. can't wait to be together again. and do some stuffs together, crazy stuffs actually.
if my dad can carry me to Ilma's house tomorrow at 9 am me, Tasya, Ilma and anyone else will cook our food together haha. i'm wondering how it'll taste. hope it'll taste good :)
cause everyone who cooks our food, is a beautiful person hahha :D
for example: like..... ME !!!! hehe you don't have any idea how much i love my self :P
well, not really. cause' sometimes i won't take a bath (eewww) i know haha and wait for my mom to yell at me for take a bath and that's my clue to go.
so, its enough for my weekend plan. how about you guys ?
where will you going this satnight ?
what's your plan for this weekend ?
well, i hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend :)

-Ladinia Dalintasya-

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