Monday, March 15, 2010

7-1 Reunion !!

at weekend, i had a great weekend cause i've been all day long escape from my room that makes me bored.

first at Saturday, just chat and surf the net nothing special. boring. really boring.

but ! Sunday (yeeahh) i escaped from my house all day long ! finally..
at the morning me and family went to e-walk for shopping and lunch.
we're lunch at Mr.Pancake at there i ate chicken bbq and my little bro ate spaghetti. my mom ate rainbow ice cream (it's a vanilla ice cream with strawberry, mango, and kiwi). we're laugh when my little bro lost his shoe. haha and we found his shoe at front of the resto. haha i don't have any idea how it could be like that hahha.
after that we went to ' Lapangan Merdeka' to ate Siomay and batogor ( it's one of Indonesia's traditional food it's a  fried soybean curd that filled with meatball). it's very DELICIOUS you have to taste it sometimes:).
after that, my family take me to the reunion.

The 7-1 grade reunion was held at Kemala Beach.
my friends who's attend that reunion are: Ilma, Tasya, Acha, Wulan, Fira, Fanny, Dwi, Bayu, Kadar, Wildan, Sophianur, Yanuar, and Rian. yeah i know it's not all the students but, it's still FUN !
(The Girls)
 (The Boys)

 (Catch Fanny, Ilma ! and then makes her get a shower twice haha)
 ( Pose !)

( cause it's starts rainy so we blew the cloud till it move, but it's still rain anyway haha of course it is)

so we decided to stay for a while at Dwi's car and a hut.
( rain or not we still 'narsis' ha ?)

Fira, Fanny, and Chintya decided to sing a song while waiting :)

(chintya the one who's play the guitar, fira the one with yellow jacket and Dwi the one with blue jacket)

after that we decided to go to Monumen Beach,we're walked at least 10 minutes from Kemala Beach.

( on the way to Monumen Beach)

after we arrived at Monumen beach we held a picnic there. my friends: Ilma, Tasya, and Fira cooks for us. they cooked chicken fried, omelet and Indonesian traditional sambal. hhmm.. DELICIOUS ! my friends are good at cooking :P

(ilma's hand)


of course we took a lots of pics too..

at monumen beach :

( Acha tooks it )

 ( i took this pic, and she don't know hha candid)



at Kemala Beach:

 ( i like this pic, cause tasya's hair is blow with the wind, haha of course who's took it ?? ME !





and last but not least are........



i know it's just a simple reunion but i hope there's a second so all the students in 7-1 will meet and greet together again..

well, that's all my highlight weekend 
thanks for read and enjoy :)
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