Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl In a Dreamland

is the first question what i want to ask. 

girl in a dreamland trying to dream what happened in her life tomorrow. dream about everything, dream about her fave actor loves her. dream that she can do everything she want, no ones telling her what she must to do. dream about someday her and her prince can be together. live in a small house near the river with large garden full of lily and trees to swing. have a happily ever after life with him who always in her side and never let her falls. dream that he's her guardian angel.

girl in a dreamland, dream to know what will happens tomorrow. with that, she hopes that she might never makes a mistake. she hopes that she can be perfect. makes everyone in her life proud of her, never leave her. she hopes that she can control her life just like what she want to. so, she always right. she hopes that she can control the weather so when she want to go and it's rainy she makes it bright again. control the weather so she can feel what summer, winter, spring, and falls like.
girl in a dreamland, dream about she can be the popular girl in her school. so many boys text him and likes her. with that everyone will think that she's pretty. she hopes that everybody will crazy everytime she smile at them.

girl in a dreamland, dream about things that she already wanted for her entire life can she have. doesn't care about money. she want to be rich and buy all the stuff she wants to. doesn't care about her parents who not allowed it. she hopes that she can makes a lots of money by herself to get everythings she wants.

girl in a dreamland, realized that's all just dreams. beautiful dreams to start a brighter life that she already painted in her blog wall. colors that depends on her emotions, words depends on her feelings. and feelings that depends on herself.
everyone told her to always be happy. she's sure that  they realized that is just a words. they can't be happy forever. it's depends on us. depend on who you really are.
depend on everything that you already have.
girl in a dreamland, now she run away to escape from her dreamland. she already stuck in this world since her was a little girl, she dreams about what she want to be someday. a princess, ballerina, or to became a beautiful queen to serve the greatest country.
when she trying to find the door, she lost it. she can't find the door anymore. she crying, crying so hard but no one listen to her. she's stuck. she will stuck forever in her own dreamland.

girl in a dreamland, still crying and ask for help. she's scream until her last sound. but she falls again. she laying on the ground hope that someone will find her. but no one comes out even her guardian angel.

girl in a dreamland, she realized that the one who will save her is herself. she try to get up, fixed her dream.
now, her millions dreams become to just three of dreams:
1. her life goes just the way it is.
2. chances to dreams again and again.
3.everyone in her life never leave her.

girl in dreamland, finally live in her dreamland with everyone who loves her and everyone she loves. she realized that God already gave millions gifts to her. family, friends, and her guardian angel. she realized that this is her life, her life that goes the way it is with everyone she loves, and chances to dreams again and again.

now, who is that girl ?? 

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