Monday, March 29, 2010

The Movie Was HORROR but Why Is It FUNNY ?

that tittle is a question to me.
so this day i watched movie called " The Messangers 2: The Scarecrow"
the genre of the movies is horror but why is it funny ?
first thing that go on your mind maybe " yeah it's the genre of that movie horror comedy".
but no! for me that movies was truly horror and thriller. i always afraid of thriller movie. cause of the violence.
watch movie with friends is really FUN. especially if the movie we watch is horror. the music that so loud, they're turn off the lights and the screams from the audience that shocked by the loud music.
if the music goes weird or suddenly off, that's the clue for the shocking music and i already close my ear with my hand haha i'm so shocked everytime that loud music comes.
plus...! my friends beside me (left and right) screams while they're trying to hide behind me. my ears feels like " boooiinnggg"

first when i arrived, bought  a small popcorn then entered the theater.
wooo.. i love my seat you know why ??
because my friend beside me bought popcorn too, i putted mine in my left food pocket and my friends at my right. so strategic ! all you have to do is choose. left or right. but i choose both of them :P
there's a time when my friends that sat in front of me talked to us and when the music goes loud, they scream so loud too hahha it's FUN to saw their freakin' out face haha.
and when the stars on that movie fight the ghost the music was so shocking us ! and i saw my friends that sat in front of me freakin' out while hug my friend that sat in the middle of them haha. that's so romantic and creepy haha
at the end of the movie when they're turn back on the lights there's a child that scream so loud. of course we laugh cause' he's so cute and "come'on they're just turn on the lights" haha why he's scream ? .
too bad i don't bring my camera :( but i still captured all the FUNNY moments in my mind it's so beautiful and still got me LOL. just like a movie.

after watch movies. we went to the mall that near the movie.
i found a child that race a little car. and i just blocked his way. if he's go right, i go right. if he's go left i'll go left haha (i am very sneaky). and that boy whine said "mama.." haha and i just walk away while laugh with my friends :P
i can stay too long with my friends cause' i'm promise with my mom to go home before my brothers go home (yes my bro go to school). huh.. i hate it, i wanna stay with my friends and LOL with them.
oh yes ! there's one thing that i wanna tell you,
yesterday i bought max pulse so we texting. and you know what max always act like don't care about everything. but yesterday he's so funny. he's got a sense of humor too.
unpredictable boy. LIKE IT !
p.s: i made a new header, what do you guys think ? is it good ? please tell me what you think. oh! and i made a new button too, please copy the code to your blog :)
thanks all


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