Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Nice to Know You But It Hurts so much

to know you, it's nice
to smile at you, it's great
to see your smile at me, it's wonderful
to talk with you, it's awesome
to texting with you, it's fun
to love you, it's beautiful
to have you, it's impossible.
you're everything i've ever wanted but you always makes me hurts so much.
i want to forget you but it's hard.
so i don't wanna know about love anymore
all you can do is broke my heart over and over. again and again.
don't you know that you're the only thing on my mind that i always miss, i always need, and i always love.
it's you baby..its you..
but you broke my heart !
it's enough !!!
(image via we heart it) 

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