Sunday, March 7, 2010

a Little Sunshine of California

bloggers.. i discovered somethings to write about.
about I'm hoping to go college at California. especially in University Of California :) 

well, at least i can visit Calif and see the sunshine that always makes it SPARKLE
If i can visit Calif (it'll be more FUN with friends)i will:

1. Landed in LAX with my sundress with converse (oh don't forget my friends)
2. Go Shopping at LA with friends

3. Spend My Days in Luxurious Hotel or maybe my own apartement with a view of the ocean.
4. Go to Malibu !!! yay! Sunbathing, surfing and something wild :)(my fave place in Calif)

5. See Broadway Musical in NYC 

6. Shopping (again) i mean come'on it's NY !

7. Check out my fave celebs in Hollywood and Visit Universal Studios

8.Look Around San Fransisco

9. Do Some Photography of The View
New York City
San Fransisco
Los Angeles

10. Buy a lots of cool souvenirs for family and friends
Well, at least that's all i hope im just an ordinary girl with a millions of dreams that someday might comes true.
if i can reach Calif, i will steal their beautiful sunshine the bought here to my home so i can remember that Calif is the city where i really want to be.

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