Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a Little Something For You

so, i read my best friend's blog (Oline). she wrote about her true friend i'm happy about that she's got someone who understands her more than i do. i love her post. she gonna move but she won't move just like i do before i left her.
so Oline i try to be a good friend for you.. this is what i gonna say

If You Don't Know Where You Have To Go
Just Listen To Her, Then She Will Guide You Safely
If You're Feeling Lost
Just Say Her Name and She's There For You
If You're Feeling Alone
Just Close Your Eyes and You Will Find Her
If You're Feeling Sad
Just Look at Her and Cry, She Will Give Her Shoulder For You
If You're Feeling Glad
Just Jump and Scream With Her

She is Your Friend
She Is Your Best Friend
She Is Your True Friends
But, She's not Yours

Your Laugh Will Be Her Too..
Your Sadness Will Be Her Too...
Your Tears Will Be Her Too
Your Lonely Will Be Her Too..

If You Had To Leave Her
Just Go and Never Look Back
Just Cry But Never Let it Falls Again
Just Mad but, Never Let it Happen Again

If She Had To Leave You
Just Run Away But, Don't Forget The Things When You were Together
Just be Alone
Just Go
and That's the Time When You Realized
How Much You Need Her

Cause You Will Never Know Things Until They're Gone
Cause You Will Never Learn Until You Need'em
Cause You Will Remember Her Until Your Last Breathe
and When You had To Be Apart
Just Hug Her but Never Say Goodbye, Believe That You'll Be Together Again
Tell Her The Truth
Tell Her Everything
and Promised Her To Always Be

-Ladinia DalinTasya-


  1. Thank you..
    Just believe me that I'm crying.
    I cry because yours.
    Best Friend never end.

  2. well, hahha i'm sorry it's wrong hahha i think your 'tru friends' is her :D

    you're very welcome
    yeahhh.... cause' we'll be together until the end :)


thanks for making my day beautiful