Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wait For You

i'm waiting for him to reply my message.. i don't know why.
maybe he's forget or he's lazy or maybe he doesn't want to reply my message again.
uuurrgghhh why someone that you love never loving you back.
is it true? that we have to love someone that loves us ?

i wait for you, always :(
remember everything in that day when we were promised.
You promised me max.. :(
please..please don't make me sad again. i never do that to you

I Like You...
Never Had This Feeling 'till You Come Around

You're Shine so Bright. You Make My Rainy Day Become a Sunny Day

You're The One With The Beautifulest Smile I've Ever Seen

I Like Everything In You, Your Laugh, Your Eyes even when you're walking

So, Tell Me Something..Something That Everyone Else Never Say To Me Before. Makes Me Yours. Forever

Let Me Fly With You, Let Me Know What You Really Feel About Me, Let Me Know If You Wanna Be With Me

Cause' Everytime You Smile, I Smile. and Every Nights All I Can Think Is You

Listen to My Song about You...

Read Our Fairytale, It's About Us

Walk With Me, Hold My Hands, and You Can See The Sky Comes Gold

Let Me Stay With You Forever... Max
Cause it's a Love Story Baby Just Say Yes
Love Story-Taylor Swift

Max, this is what i think about you. thanks for makes me feel what love likes.
if we can't be together just let me be your Friends and laugh together so i can see your laugh for a long time. 

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