Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(i don't have any idea for this title post)

bloggers i really don't have any idea what i should post today. i don't have any color in mind to painting in my blog wall. 
*sigh*  well, at least i closed with 'max' today :P
i went to his class at school today, i didn't mean to see him but to play with my friends at junior class. and there's i saw him and once again he's playing his cube. he's really good at it :)

i just play and talked with my friends haha :) act like i don't care about him cause i try really hard to do that but, i can't. sometimes i look at him and he look at me too, when i smile he's smile too, when i'm laugh he's too.
weird ha ? but he never reply my text anymore. :((
at this time....
I HATE YOU !!!!!!

but, tomorrow when i see him again i can't hate him anymore.  uurrgghh how it could be like that 
oh ! i just remember that i had a weird dream ever ! it's about max.
so this is my dream's story.

my school suddenly is in the middle middle of like a forest or something i was playing flying fox. (weird ha)
and then after i play, i walk and sit in front of a class. i saw a girl and i ask her
" who are you ?"
and she said " i am max's sister"
what ???? max only had one brother.
after that, she took out  her phone and i asked her
" is that your phone"
she said " no, it's my brother's phone" it means it's max's phone.

i woke up and think maybe God trying to told me that Max is share his phone with his bro.
i don't know the truth but i hope he doesn't had a pulse anymore so he can't reply my text.
with that, i know that he can't reply my text not because he hates me :)

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