Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nanda's Birthday

Hey Bloggie..
Guess What ??
this is the day what my best friend's waiting for her entire life.
yuph! it's her birthday.... today !
she's Nanda, my friend in Sumbawa :)
she's turnin' 14 now..
Nanda i got a little something to say to you..

Happy 14th Birthday Girl..
i hope you can be the girl who everyone else loves.
i wish you had a great birthday ever!
i wish all the best for you..
don't forget to always be 
Best Friends Forever 



  1. thanks
    i will send her your congrats :)

  2. hey you should know that I'm the first one who say "happy birthday" to her at 12.01 am man!! WOO!!
    and yes, I want to did it to you on your last birthday but your phone is fvckin off so I couldn't text you.. so sorry :((

  3. happy birthday! nanda hahahha

  4. @oline: who cares ?? hahha kidding sist, wow that's good but i'm too sleepy (or lazy maybe) so i can't do that.
    @kak anne: thank you.. (from nanda) haha


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