Saturday, February 20, 2010

Try To Forget You

i don't think i'm okay now..
i'm very sad now..
it's about max
and i don't wanna talk about that now.

i am so.... stupid !
how can i like him, he's don't like me
and.. how can i still like him when he's broke my heart.
how can i believe that someday he'll be mine..
how can i believe that he's a good guy when everyone says that he's not good enough for me 
how can i believe that love never lasts

how stupid i am to believe in him
to like him
to dream every night about him
to imagine that someday we'll be together
now, i know what it's like to felt in love
and how broken heart feels like
doesn't he knows that he's the only one ?!

it's over, i don't wanna like you anymore
you belong to someone else
just go away from my face
and i'll be okay

i'm tryin to forget you
just like i do before
today i really really want to forget you

God help me to do that..
please.. i need You more than i do before

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