Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd Day of 'Tryin to forget Max'

This is the 2nd day where i'm tryin to forget max.
i still saw his face, and it's hard for me to forget him.
truth never lie
and the truth is Max you're my first love
and maybe it's true that first love is the worst one when it comes to a broken heart.

the truth is
i gave him a name called 'Max' because he looks like my idol
Max Thieriot
He's cool isn't it ?
'max' just looks like that
if i know that it could be like this, that i don't wanna meet you.
but, how can meet you ?!
this 2nd day,feel the same like yesterday
but, i'm still trying to forget you
i'm trying..
cause' this is the big world and you're not the only one 
there's sooo much a guy that more better than you

believe in my self that someday my prince will come for me
when i'm wearing a beautiful dress, and he'll sing a song for me
I'm on my way to believing

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