Friday, February 19, 2010

See You Again

Bloggie.. i feel great now..
so so so great
so so so beautiful feelings..

yuph! it's beacuse of max
my maxxy :)

today, i had an speech to celebrate one of greatest day for moslem, all the students came to the basketball court.
formerly i want to sit at the back line, but my teacher told me and my friends to make a new line.. uurrgghh i hate sit in the front of line.
i'm just walkin don't care about everything

when widya sat next to me, i looked back and there's him
MAX ! 
i'm so surprised..
i told widya about that, and she just realized it too..
woow... i just love to looked back pretend like i don't look over him, but the truth is i look at him..

and for one thing
when i looked beck to talk with citra, he's look at me too..
but a half of his face are closed with his hand (sunny day).
it's ssooooooooooo cool !
i mean he's got a beautiful eyes with nice smile
he looks so.. great

hahahha you and me forever !

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