Friday, February 26, 2010

Acha's Webcam

on Tuesday me and my friends: Acha, Tasya, Inggrid and Rika we're took many pics (when i say many it means a lots) with Acha's webcam and it's so FUN 
we're just do 'our crazy things' and SMILE...seriously  a pic without smile it'll be bo..ring..
with smile we can feel the energy :)
(in this pic my friend Ilma who's at the right side corner not realized that's her and she's ask: who's that ? while her point at her pic haha)
( haha i'm forget how this could happen)
(and here's comes the nuts)
(more full of craziness)
(Gosh! look at me haha you can guess the silly one)
( ending with the good one, well not that good :D )

we're take so many pics, 114 actually hehe
but, That's My Life !

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