Sunday, February 28, 2010

1st Photography

so my school had a reunion. and we had a bazaar, basketball competition, and Marching Band performance our Marching Band named MBGB (Marching Band Gita Bahana).
they're so great or should i say awesome.

i had a photography too..
well i try actually,  not really good. cause i just pretend to be a good photographer :)
here they are..
(took by Citra.
me and my friends in basketball team)

Basketball Competition..
Spansa VS alumnus
and Finally...
our marching band's performance !
all this pic was taken by me
(well, i'm sorry if it's really bad hehe)
(The Color Guard)
( My Friend Inggrid)
( This is the most photo i like, oh! and this is my friend Acha)
(The End Of Performance)

and that's all that i wanna tell you
i'm sorry the pic it's really bad
you don't have any idea how long i've been upload those pics since yesterday

well,  hope you enjoy it :)
don't forget to leave a comment, i'm happy to hear what you say even it's bad
wait for my pics tomorrow


  1. ya it's sooo great :)
    i took so many pictures

    you don't have any idea how much i miss you :(
    i just want to meet you someday and we'll take so many pics 'til we can't count it :D


thanks for making my day beautiful