Monday, February 22, 2010

3rd Day to Forget Him(Little Hope For You)

This is the 3rd day to forget him..
I feel: the same like yesterday
i can't lie to myself..

today, He's got a problem i don't know if it's his problem or his GF problem.
all the students in my school watched the fight, well not really a fight you know.. girl's fight..
all i can hear is

i saw his GF cried.
and he told her to calm her self in his class..
he's so sweet :)
but, he's not mine

my friend said that the problem is because of his GF sister.
his GF sister mock his GF friends
and start the fight..
so, his GF friends told her that she must to choose between her friends or her sister
it's a confusing option, i mean sister means alot
but we can lose our friends

and another my friend said that it's because
'what happened in saturday'
i don't know where's the truth one
i hope your problem (or your GF problem) will be done as soon as possible 
i'm happy if you happy

Love You..

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