Tuesday, March 2, 2010

14th Birthday

so, just like i said before yesterday  i went to Pizza Hut with my friends to celebrate our birthday party.
why i said 'our birthday party' because it's my birthday, ilma's and wulan's birthday.
me on 17th of February, ilma on 10th of February, and wulan on 15th of February.
Rika, Citra, Fira, and Tasya are invited.
Since my father let me use his camera, i starting to learn about photography
well, i'm a bad photographer actually.
but, i'll never give up until i can be a good photographer :)
I took pics in toilet too.. hahha well you know me :P
(there's three but the loading is too long so you can see at my facebook)

my mother gave me this dress for my birthday present :)
it was beautiful.
thanks mom, I LOVE IT

and bloggers we're entering the new month !
 goodbye to February and say welcome to MARCH :)
i don't know if there's 'new month'
Happy New Month Everybody !!
hope you'll have a great days in this March 

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*more photos in facebook :)*


    ahh I love pizza! always makes us happy right? haha eh eh itu kamera mau dong haha

  2. thank you... :)
    yeahhh me too..

    wehehe.. itu kamera punya papaku kak hehe kalo mau kakak minta aja sama papa hahha


thanks for making my day beautiful