Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Sunday

this Sunday was really FUN for me. cause in this Sunday i can hang out all day long with my sweetest family.
it's been a hard days for me to finish my exam. so, this day we decided to go for refreshing. i go with a little bag in my right shoulder and a camera bag in my left shoulder haha

 and this is the best way to have fun.
Hang Out With Family. 

started in the morning, my dad and my brother went for swim. and i can't swim cause' there's a reason ;) so i waited for them, and i really really really hate waiting.
after that we went to E-walk (a mall in my city), can you believe we go there just to see the new theater open. haha ! it called 'XXI".

then we we see the Dolphin Show. it's really funny and FUN.
not just the Dolphin who has a show, there's otter and sea lion too..
well, ENJOY THE SHOW...!

[ this is my brother and my father, my brother is cute isn't he ?]

okay now let's see the show first...
"Say Welcome to..The Otter's !"

[It's a Slam Dunk !]

and now for the Sea Lion, he has a name. his name is Raynaldi :)

and now the one we've been waiting for is The Dolphin Show everybody....

the show was really amazing and funny
i can't forget this moment and i will never delete these picture :)

so, what's your Sunday likes ?



  1. bukan dhin.. asalnya memang dari jakarta tapi diadain di Balikpapan yg dari Gelanggang Samudera


thanks for making my day beautiful