Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If I Can Make You Mine...

is the feeling that i'm feeling right now.
beautiful feelings that i've never felt before.
maybe this is my first love.
Love that makes me crazy.

all i know about first love is when we had a crush on someone.
haha and it was when i'm in kindergarten.
but, with you now i've found it.
i don't know that it will feels like ...
Heartbeat faster..
and in every time i wanna see you.
to be close with you.

I know that love never last
i just want you to be mine.
i'm jealous when i saw you with someone else, even a girl that i known for long time.
i just want you to love me.
but, you never know that.
You never likes me.
my friends told me that you're looked at me
that you're smiled at me.
i know deep inside my heart i was happy
but i also know those are beautiful lies.
i know that you will never do that to me.

i know sometimes you smiled at me
and i really really really like that.
i know sometime you looked at me and smiled with your beautiful smile.

Everyone says everything bad about you.
but, i don't know why i don't care about that.
i know that you're good inside and out.
i believe at everything you do.

If i can make you mine.
i don't care how..
and why
but, i just won't you to let go.
i just want you to be here with me forever.
just stuck with me forever and always.

I know it just a dream
a big beautiful dream for me.
what i always think every night is you and me forever.
you're the prince and i'm the princess
live in fairytale
in a big castle no one else but only you and me.

For you...
i've made this story just for you
i know taht you will never be mine
but i kust want you to know about this.
every single things i wrote in this story was made for you.
you're the only reason why i'm still smilin' in a bad day.

If I Can Make You Mine
I will Never Let You Falls

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