Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5th day of 'Tryin to forget him'

in this 5th day my love of 'Max' become more smaller but, still it's hard for me to forget him
his problem get more worst..
today he's get called to the counseling room.
i was very surprised my friend told me so, i run from my class to the terrace of my class waiting for him.
and when he wanted to back to his class all the students in school just booing at him.
i think i'm the only one who's not booing at him.
i felt sorry about him, but there's nothing i can do..
'Max' i just hope if you can read this
and know what i'm really feel about you

please let his problem gone, so i can see his beautiful smile again :)

his GF problem becoming his problem too..
why ?!

-I Just Want You To Know That I'll Always Be There For You-

♥ ♥



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