Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4th Day of 'Tryin to forget him'

In this 4th day
today i felt, 25% of my love to 'Max' are disappear. i like that :)
it's good for me :)

i searched the lyrics from the songs that looks like what i'm feeling right now..

"Well Now I'm told that this is life And pain is just a simple compromise So we can get what we want out of it Would someone care to classify,  Of broken hearts and twisted minds 
So I can find someone to rely on "
(Misguided Ghost-Paramore)

"Why can't you just see, It isn't easy What you put my heart through Every time you go I'm not myself without you Nothing feels the same"
(Everytime You Go- KSM)

"I could follow you to the beginning Just to re-live the start  Maybe then we’ll remember to slow down 
At all of our favorite parts All I wanted was you"
(All I Wanted Was You-Paramore)

"I had sworn to myself that I'm Content with loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk Well, You, are, the only exception
(The Only Exception-Paramore)

"So what if it hurts me?  So what if I break down? So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground I gotta find my place I wanna hear myself
Don’t care about all the pain in front of me Cause I’m just trying to be happy 
Just wanna be happy "
All these days I feel like they’re the same Just different faces, different names
Get me outta here I can’t stand by your side, ohh no
Watch this life pass me by, pass me by"
(Happy-Leona Lewis)

 "I feel you all around I think about it every single day You got away somehow...."
"The first one is the worst one When it comes to a broken heart  Your first love, yeah you're so young And you feel like a fallen star......"
"Cause I would run through a thunderstorm Just to kiss you  I'm out here on my own
Better now than I was before, but I miss you And I want you to know....."
(The First One-Boys Like Girls)

"Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face So I try to read But all I do is lose my place
Am I obsessed with you? I do my best not to want you But I do all the time I do all the time
(Obsessed-Miley Cyrus)


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