Tuesday, January 12, 2010

With Nanda in One Day

With Nanda !

yesterday,it's the GREATEST day ever !
my Best Friend in Townsite, Sumbawa came to my house.
i was very happy! maybe this is the FINEST happy that i've ever feel.
so, this is the story. :)

start with yesterday morning, i remembered that she will come to my house.
but, i forgot to bring my cellphone.
in the afternoon, when i was on the road to back home,my mom called me through my driver's phone.
my mom was worried.

Evening, about 3pm i was arrived at my house. and my mom tell me that there's a text message from nanda.
i run to my room and opened it, she said that she will come so i sent her my address.
after a while she's sent me a message that tell me, we'll go to the Mall
'Okey!' what's my heart said.
but, she's sent me a message again that tell we'll stay at my house.
i was confused.
minutes by minutes we're sent text message a lots! about 'where will we spend our times together, in Mall ar my house ??'.

but, nanda decided to stayed at my house.
YES! finnaly :)
so, we'll spent our times together in my room.
we're chat, and do the 'webcam-ing' haha to Oline and kak Anne.
their said that we're looks 
* thanks anyway :)

we're ate chicken noodle too or as know as 'mie ayam'.
and leave our chat in YM with Oline.
hahha she's really mad.
but, we're apologize to her.
oh! and we're take some pics too
of course we're take it, it's the time that i'll always remember :)

Loony together, Crazy together ! 

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