Saturday, January 2, 2010


yesterday in Ilma's house, we're held a sleepover. me and my friends: Citra Pramesti, Nur Ilma Mailani, Rika Indah Sari, Wulan Ramandasari,Maghfirah Nurul M., AnnazTasya Imaya, Nahdiyyah Azka, and Sahid Triatmojo. we're have a great times together.

I was arrived in her house at 03.30pm, i was the first comer :]then Citra's came me and citra and ilma have a chicahat(:p) until Rika, Fira, Acha(Nahdiyyah) came. we're surf the net with my laptop.

Day become nights. we're decided to bought  fireworks and trumpets. but, Wulan and Sahid not come yet. sooo, we were taked a lot pics while waiting for them. 


After we're waiting and take pics, they're finally came. so, let's go! we're went to 'klandasan' (place for bought things for new year). we were go there by 'angkot' ( a common car like bus but more smaller). after we were arrived at klandasan. we were hunted everything we needed.and we were walked to 'Bandar'(some place for shops) to get more cheaper trumpets. after that, we were back to ilma's house. oh! almost forgot, we were bought cotton candy(i love that). and again... take pics.. :D (yyeahh that us).

 after that we're go to ilma's backyard to cook the sausages, corn, and fish. we're cooked the sausages first then the corns and last the fishes. thanks to Ilma's mom that's so DELICIOUS.

After that we're eat our fishes together...

Then, we're go tgother in ilma's living room. we're took the times for ' Free forum' it's like we have to tell everything that's secret for us to them. like: someone we had crush on or we love, and many others. of cousre i won't tell to you bloggie.. (i'm sorry but it's secret) :D. after the 'free forum' we had a pillow fight hahha i know.. IT'S COOL !

Hours by hours has past, the clock point out to 11.30 so we're go out to light the city, yeahhh!

So, that's the end of the show..
we're happy cause' we can celebrate the new year together. i hope we can do something like this again :].

Thanks for Everyone who has come to Celebrate the New Year Eve' with Us...
I'm Sorry if I had something Wrong.

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